Sunday, May 4, 2008

149 miles! I love the city of roses!!!!

     Today I went for a wonderful walk! I walked down and up Robinson Canyon again. Although it's only a four-mile roundtrip walk; it really gets me sweating!
     On the way back up the hill I counted the posts holding the guardrails: 330! That's on the left side if you are walking up the hill.
     I felt so good! I love being outside. It was so warm and sunny today, makes me feel like summer is actually on its way.
     Altogether I have walked/rode 21 miles, which is a healthy average of 3 mies a day.
     Now, I am officially just past Gresham, Oregon on my virtual trip, but I am going to focus on Portland, Oregon.
     I love going to Portland. There are tons of things I enjoy doing there.
     If you go, you have to go to Powell's Bookstore and I love going to Saturday Market, which feels to me like an outdoor mini-Pike Place sort of thing.
     Powell's. Let me just tell you I have spent five hours in that store before. It's amazing. I once even found a book that I had lost from a set of books that my grandma gave me when I was a little girl.
     By far, Powell's is my favorite bookstore in the world.
     There's a definite reason that they call Powell's a City of Books!
     My favorite place to eat out in Portland is Morton's Steakhouse. I had such a super cool experience the last time I was there, and the steak was some of the best I have ever eaten!
     And, if you want to stay in a cool place, you have to stay at the Benson Hotel!!
     I could live in Portland. I have a good friend who lives there now. Nice to visit. It makes me want to go this summer, again!!

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