Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little of this, and a little of that

     This is a picture from when we visited Seattle last week. I love that piece of artwork (it's at the locks in Ballard).
     Last night we had a great dinner at my oldest step-daughter's house. She is such a good cook, but even better she eats very healthy.
     I love that she always has so many good choices, and I was able to eat everything on the table!
     Last night our little one rode on the motorcycle with Dad, and she loves it! Now that she is six, she can go for rides! Quite the highlight for her.
     Today was a bit hectic, but BOY OH BOY, bring on the sunshine! After work, Ricky and I went for a motorcycle ride.

     I definitely am proud of the fact that we have made an effort to take time out to relax!
     We went out to see his horse that he is having a guy break. I just love that horse, and even more the baby horses (colts) that were out there, too. I love our horse's blue eyes!!

     We had such a great ride; it was very relaxing!

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