Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been too long!

     Looking at this blog, I can't believe I haven't blogged anything since July 1st! It has been a bit busy, but...
     So, for the 4th of July weekend, we went horse camping for four days! It was fabulous! We did get rain on the last morning, but it was still such an adventure :)
     We had one ride of over 14 miles!!! It was amazing :)
     Eating really was good on the trip, as I made all sort of healthy stuff!
     I did also drink enough water each day! Woo hoo!

     OK, so I am just going to move forward.
     Yesterday I did not write everything down...back to that, today!
     I can say I did have FAB exercise yesterday, as we went down to Eastside Park, and I walked while the kiddo rode the bike!
     It was so much fun! I even jogged some :)
     I drank lots of water!
     We were busy bees yesterday :) First, we had breakfast at the Corner Bistro.
     I had a latte with sugar-free caramel. And, I had a piece of zucchini French Toast! It was so good, and one piece filled me up!! I had never had that before, YUMMY! I did not use butter, but did use syrup :)
     Lunch was a small plate of homemade nachos.
     Dinner was a Subway sandwich. I did get a foot-long, and it was a BBQ chicken one.
     And, we had delicious watermelon for dessert!!
     We also went to coffee with one of my close friends, Lorri :) That was fun, and I did have a Coffee Freeze.

OK, so I will post later everything for today! I can tell you that I did do Kickbox Cardio this morning!! And, it kicked my bootie :) Felt so good!!!

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