Monday, July 27, 2009

Tech burn out?

So, I just haven't been motorvated both literally and figuratively.

Haven't been working out :(

Haven't been blogging.

I feel like the blogging bit is because I have Facebook and Twitter, and it feels both redundant and overwhelming to do all of it.

Taking time to think.

As well, not blogging anymore (I know...I appreciate all of the faithful readers out there who have been emailing me...we are doing FANTASTIC! Life is actually quite mellow right now, which is NICE!)...OK, so not blogging anymore also prevents certain people who are TOTALLY obsessed with our lives from obsessing! LOL

NOT that I really have ever cared, but I have noticed that the lack of blogging on my part has equated with less drama on stalker's part. Ya know?!

Plus, when I don't have anything to report in the weight world...I feel less inspired to write on this blog.

I have been eating healthy (except the Mango ice cream and the BBQ at the Lockwoods' house)! Lots of fresh fruit, lots of salads, lots of grilled chicken and yummy fresh fish caught in our local river!

I have not been exercising on purpose. I did do TONS of walking at cheer camp a couple of weeks ago. Need to get motivated. Now that I type this, I think I will ride my recumbent bike today.

I haven't weighed in forever. I have no idea what I weigh, but my summer clothes fit and most are big, so I must be hovering at the same point.

This has been much of a ramble...and, for now, not my last.

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