Friday, August 9, 2013


After a no-loss, no-gain weigh-in last week, and basically lots of hard work with NO results except massive swelling, I was VERY happy with today's weigh-in!!

This week's weigh-in:
253.2--down 5.6 pounds from the 258.8 that I weighed for two weeks in a row!
In the end, I am now down 13.6 pounds in four weeks, which is an average of 3.4 pounds a week!! Woo hoo :)

We are headed out on vacation on Sunday, so I'm more than likely NOT going to be blogging, and won't be weighing in either. But, it kinda excites me because I am hoping the next time I weigh, I am under 250! I am planning some very active adventures for our trip, and super healthy eating, so I think it will be a good week health-wise!

AND, I have ZERO swelling in my legs (thanks to the chiro!). Things are definitely looking up and the weight is definitely going down!

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