Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feels like forever...

I had cheer camp last week, and I didn't blog while I was away. BUT, what I did do...I ate TOTALLY healthy--no desserts, or bad stuff AT ALL. I even unknowingly tried tofu! I seriously thought it was chicken, LOL! I drank a lot of water, and we also walked and walked and walked and walked. I'm guessing we walked close to three miles a day (at least).

Now the weigh-in news. I couldn't wait to get home and weigh because I wasn't able to weigh all week. And, I expected my results to be FANTASTIC!!!

On the trip home, my legs started swelling. LIKE CRAZY PITTING EDEMA SWELLING. They were so swollen that they felt like they would split :( My toes felt like they were little sausages. YUCKY :(

So, when I weighed on Saturday morning, it ended up being EXACTLY the same as the week before. NO loss whatsoever. I was bummed. Totally bummed. Even if the logical side of me realized that the water weight in my poor legs was ridiculous. UGH.

I had a massage, doctor's appointment and chiro appointment on Monday. BUSY. My doctor has been dealing with the pitting edema for a while, and I had actually lost it all once I began this journey again of eating healthy and exercising. But, the bus ride = swollen legs. WHICH, on the way down, the bus ride didn't affect me at all.

The good news, yes there is some, is that after my chiro appointment, the swelling is going down, down, down, and now today virtually gone! Thank goodness :)

I did also decide today to join the Summer Blowout Weight-Loss Challenge sponsored by Shrinking Jeans. This is the exact motivation I need, and also I had to enter my weight in today, so I do know that THANKFULLY I have lost some weight (along with the swelling!). I have to weigh-in and enter my weight each Wednesday on Shriking Jeans, but I will still weigh-in on my Fridays, too!!

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

This is the exact motivation I need!!! I'm excited, and it's competitive, with the winner getting a $100 Amazon card, how super cool is that?

I do DEFINITELY need to drink more water!! That has got be the focus.

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