Sunday, July 28, 2013

You are what you don't eat crap!

OK, so I have the WORST blisters on my heels ever :( SUCKS! I haven't walked for my 30 minutes since Thursday night, but I have been doing other stuff instead, including swimming, which made me think about lap swimming when I'm back home.

I'm a little worried about being at cheer camp for a week with all the walking we have to do. I did buck hay this morning, just three tons, which only took two hours, and I did have shoes on, and I somehow survived! Boy, I was sweating like crazy, but that tends to happen when you have jeans, a long sleeve shirt on, and you are in and out of a barn, up at the top (heat DOES rise). That was definitely my workout for the day.

And, I ate some pizza. Honestly, 4 pieces :( BAD, bad, bad. Then I ate some birthday cake yesterday, and I did have two SMALL pieces, one white cake one chocolate cake. WELL, I woke up this morning with a NASTY headache. UGH. I have to think that it's a direct correlation to eating CRAP. Seriously. I am cool with having a piece of pizza or maybe two, but NOT four. SHEESH. I truly feel that the pizza and the cake made me feel like crapola today.

So, I'm back to eating CLEAN!!! I cut up a bunch of fruit and veggies, and I plan on bringing them with me to cheer camp. I will have access there to fruits and veggies and salads when we eat our meals, but I want to have snakcs available, too, so I don't feel any temptations.

I also will need to drink more water than I have been drinking because it will be hot in Ellensburg! Need to keep hydrated, and I want to drink as much am I am supposed to drink, so that will be my goal this week.

With me headed out to cheer camp, I most likely will not be blogging this upcoming week because we are crazy busy, and I won't have much time. As well, I won't be able to weigh until Saturday morning.

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