Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coffee on the rocks, please

I am loving iced coffee! I bought a Keurig machine last March (best investment ever!), and when I started up eating healthy again, one of things I had to give up was my mochas from the coffee shop. Even though I would request FF and SF concoctions, I am trying to eat (and drink) natural food and things that are not processed, so out goes the frou frou drinks (as Rick calls them).

But, thankfully I have a Keurig machine Kevin in my life now (he makes the perfect coffee), and I have found that I LOVE just having plain coffee on the rocks. I find it just perfect in taste and it's refreshing. Probably now if I were to go have a frou frou drink, I wouldn't like it so much because it would taste way sweeter.

Dang it's been hot lately, too, so the iced coffee is perfect for this weather! I do have to admit that I didn't walk yesterday :( I did wrangle sheep all morning, as we gave them their baths, but I just didn't feel motivated to walk, even with my new shoes! I will DEFINITELY walk today, but for now, I gotta go drink my iced coffee and wrangle some more sheep! Keep it cool today :)

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