Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cankle this...

     Today I prepped and prepped and prepped! I did lots of cutting of veggies and fruits :) AND, what was super cool for me today...I purchased my FIRST fresh pineapple!!

     I wasn't even sure how to cut the thing! So, I researched on you tube, and actually found out some interesting info, like how to choose a fresh pineapple, and also that it's important to place the pineapple in your fridge UPSIDE DOWN for 30 minutes before cutting it. This allows for the natural sugar that settles in the bottom to travel back through the entire fruit, ensuring that all of it is sweet, not just the bottom!

     I think the craziest thing to me about this pineapple bit is that I couldn't stand it whatsoever for ever and ever and only recently (like the past few months) I have discovered that I LOVE pineapple!! I'm so excited that I just love love love it!

     I started walking again! It's crazy to think that I was walking and working out three times a week from November to June, and then I haven't done anything this month I have been out from school. I CAN'T believe how out of shape I feel in just ONE month!!! SHEESH. But, I already feel better walking again.

     I have been struggling with my thyroid since last summer, and at this point that have upped my medication FOUR times! And, by up, I mean doubling it each time. SIGH. With that I have also had crazy swelling in my legs and feet :(

     The good news is that just in two days of eating everything fresh, nothing processed (except a slice of bread), I have my ankles back!!! That's right, CANKLES be gone :)) YEAH! Just that makes me motivated to eat healthy, drink my water, and move my butt.

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