Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wahoo...weigh-in time!

We are up camping in Conconully, which is tons of fun, and I had to come down for cheer practice, so I have some quick internet access.

Yesterday was a bit hectic, getting everything ready for the camping trip (prepping veggies and fruits and other food, packing and whatnot), so I didn't get my 30 minutes of official exercise--though I was CRAZY sweating and working hard and definitely burning calories, and I'm pretty sure I walked in and out of that trailer at least 30 times, and those stairs are high!

PLUS, I did the T-Arm drill, where you stand with your hands out, and don't drop them until you can't stand it any longer. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's hard. HECK! It's a punishment at basic training for the Marines! So, I'm feeling that today :)

Don't despair though, as I plan on going for an hour walk today to make it up!! That's what all of this has to be about...being real and being flexible. Stuff happens, and you gotta make things work.

The really exciting weigh-in! I was going to weigh tomorrow, but we will be up camping, and I won't be back until Sunday, so I won't have access and all of that. BESIDES, who wants to take a scale camping?!

To recap...last week I weighed 266.8.

A week later 6 days later:
That's a loss of 6.8 pounds!! WAHOO :) I will take it!!! I definitely am starting to feel better. The swelling in my legs and feet has been gone ALL week! The heartburn has been gone, too, only one day of it. I have eaten hardly ANY PROCESSED foods!!! And, I've been walking, which feels AWESOME! I'm excited for this next weeek now :)

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Lydia A. said...

Way to go Trisha! Fantabulous! Just keep on truckin'!