Sunday, July 14, 2013


     365 days. What can I do in a year? How can I make my health better in one year? And, why one year?

     Well, I have never given myself a year before. I've started with such intentions and always quit a few months in. I have been successful and lost 50 pounds only to gain it all and some back :( Again and again and again.

     SO, what makes this time different? WELL, we have exciting news in our family :) My youngest son has proposed to his girlfriend (who we absolutely love and cherish), and they will be having a grand wedding next July 12.

     I have one year to take care of business. I REFUSE to be the fat mother of the groom. I am excited because my favorite photographer is going to be taking pics (Leeshy Lou) AND we will have the entire family in town, which means lots of family pics :)

      I feel super motivated about making this happen. I also feel lucky because I have some big supporters in this effort.

     I am also going to blog again. The times I have been most successful and most serious have been when I blogged about what I was doing.

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