Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I've always been busy, but maybe not so active at times. I mean we are not talking SLOTH lazy, but I can definitely now see a difference in my activity level.

Of course, it's all a cycle. You work out, you lose weight, you have more energy, you do more! I have always been BUSY, but that's not the same as ACTIVE, right?!

I like how that has shifted in my life. I enjoy being active. I've always enjoyed being active. Just sometimes I have lost the motivation and forgot the joy.

Now, I want to work out two or three times or even more a day. Not fanatically or like some sort of disorder status, but rather if I am going to watch a tv show, why not jump on the bike? Even if just for part of the show!

I was just talking with good friends who have both been healthy ALL of their lives. They work out every day. They always have and always will. They get up in the morning at 5:30 a.m. on work days to make sure the workout happens. That's how we started talking about it in the first place because I mentioned how I HAVE TO work out in the morning, and then if I can work out in the afternoon or evening, I will add that in as a second workout.

I really have always admired their commitment to fitness, and as we were talking, I realized--though my commitment is quite new in comparison to them--that I was JUST LIKE THEM. Holy sneakers, I am committed to working out every day, and I'm doing that!

Now I am seeing that this shift is spreading out into other avenues of my life. Our vacation on Spring Break was FULL of activity, and it was one of the best vacations we have ever had! I walked every morning on the beach. We swam in the pool. I worked out in the gym at our resort. We played catch on the beach (this was my favorite). We played Laser Tag--HOLY OXYGEN needed! We drove the go-karts, which uses more muscles than I thought. We hiked. We shopped. ACTIVE, I tell ya :)

Last Friday I took a group of drama kids from school over to Spokane. It was an adventurous day for sure! We played Laser Tag (I was sweating buckets!), we jumped at Get Air--OMGAWSH this was so much fun, and I even tried the slackline, which was SO HARD!), and we went on our tour of the theater before watching the show.

The kids all said the trip was one of the best. And, you know what?! IT WAS! We were so active, and we had so much fun. And, MOST of what we did meant we had to be UNPLUGGED! I love it!

We've been talking about our family summer vacation, and what we want to do this year and where we are going to go. I'm super stoked because so far our options all include SUPER FUN and ACTIVE things for us to do!

I'm totally digging this shift in life. It feels good. It feels fun. It feels right!

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