Friday, November 28, 2008

My pants are tighter!

     Well, as you can tell by my absence, I have not been on the exercising and eating right schedule. And, boy I can feel it. My pants feel more snug for sure!
     I did weigh, and I am 232., definitely I can feel the weight creeping back on (since it is), and I DON'T want to go down that road!!!
     So, NO MATTER WHAT, I am going back to Weight Watchers this Wednesday. I have a coupon for free enrollment that will expire if I don't go back. I was looking at the last weigh in that I attended in July, and I weighed 226. SIGH. I digress.
     And, really NOW is the time, so that I don't pound on a bunch of weight before now and January, through all the holidays, ya know?
     I did eat more than I wanted yesterday, but not like I have in years past. I took much smaller portions, but I did snack more than I wanted.
     The good news is that I took my mother-in-law out for a walk after dinner, and it felt really invigorating!
     Today I have been cleaning and rearranging the house to get stuff ready for CHRISTMAS!! So, I have definitely been burning calories, and I am going shopping later, so that will be some mega walking!
     I do want to go for a walk or ride my bike today, too. We will see!

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