Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WWers missed again!

     OK,so we had our parent conference tonight, so I missed Weight Watchers AGAIN. I feel like I can't even start it up again. I will try for next week. I've not given up, though.
     BUT...I rode the bike again today for five miles, so that's three days in a row now (15 miles!!)!! I can't even describe how happy that makes me!
     Monday and Tuesday I was able to ride the bike on my time (not getting up earlier than normal), today I rode it after school. I would like to ride in the morning...maybe I will start that next week.
     I did weigh today on the digital scale, and I gained 3 pounds. SIGH. I weigh 227 now.
     I am not freaking out about it, because I have been exercising these past few days. Also, I drank my water today!!! First time in forever!
     So, I will take the good and go with that!

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