Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exercise girl!!

     Thursday and Friday I only rode for 2 miles each morning and 10 minutes. But, my goal was to ride every day, and I figure considering I was doing nothing...that's an improvement.
     This morning, I walked on the eliptical for 15 minutes, and then I worked on weights.
     I focused on chest, biceps, triceps, and abs (sort of the abs...I detest doing those exercises, but I still did them).
     I am already sore...probably not a good thing. I imagine tomorrow I will be ridiculously sore. We shall see. I seriously tried to not overdo it, but I dunno.
     I was pretty surprised at how weak I felt today. Normally, weights are my thing, and I was not feeling STRONG. But, that will come.
     It was just nice to get in and move the weights!! And, I would not have gone, if not for my friend Janice.
     I find it so motivating to have someone else who really wants to work out!!
     So, the plan. I am going to continue riding my bike (I may even do so some this afternoon, although a nap is looking really good right now!), and then I want to work the weights at least two days a week, but I would prefer three times.
     If I ride today, it will be 19 days in a row on the bike! I won't be too stressed if I don't since I did jump on the eliptical, and that's exercise, so it counts!
     I have a massage on Monday (had one last Monday, too), and I am going to try and keep that going for a bit, too!
     I feel good right now. Really focused on what I want, and I am for the the FIRST time not trying to GUNG-HO, and then burn out.
     Oh, and I went for an hour ride this afternoon. I might have a sore bum tomorrow, too! It's been since October since I have been on my horse because he got sick. Thankfully he is all healthy, and boy I know he is feeling better because he is so feisty!!! It was a bit of a rodeo in the beginning, and I held my ground [this makes me so far I have come!!], and we had a super ride. Plus, I also used my new saddle that Ricky gave me for Christmas. I love it!
     So, it's definitely been an ACTIVE day!!! Yeah!

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