Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GREAT day!

     Well, let's just say...BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!!
     I had a great day today :) So, I did work out this evening, 15 minutes cardio and then weights (chest, biceps, triceps).
     I have drank a ton of water today, too!!!
     I have a friend who wants to start going to Weight Watchers, so that she is inspiring to me, and we are going to go next Wednesday (not tomorrow)! Yeah! I am actually excited to go back and start up again.
     I did not get up this morning early and ride the bike because I was busy getting everything ready for our little girl's big day at school...she was the Very Important Person (VIP).
      But, it was worth it to miss the bike this morning, and I still did a little cardio in the afternoon.
     I did hit the hot tub tonight, which was much more play than relaxing, since the little one was in there with me! LOL! But, I am feeling great...totally recovered from illness, strong from working out, and mellow from the hot water.

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