Friday, February 13, 2009

Long week!

     Yikes! My bike now has three big huge old coats stacked up in the seat. I have not been on it all week :(
     I managed to pick up the crud. I am very lucky and pretty much never get sick, but this one grabbed a hold of me, and BYE BYE!
     I am planning on exercising tomorrow on the bike, nice and slow, so long as I can breathe and my head is not pounding.
     This all started out as a massive sinus infection, and then it settled in my throat (well, my glands are swollen), and it keeps tickling as the beginning of a cough.
     But, NO FEAR...I have slept A LOT!! And, I have been chugging the orange juice, and I bought stock in Airborne and Emergen C!
     It, of course, does NOT help that I have been busier this week than I wanted to be, with chaperoning a dance last night (I would've called in sick, but I am the advisor for the group that was sponsoring the dance, and so if I wasn't going to be there, we would've had to cancel...that's way too much pressure!) and also I had concessions at the basketball game tonight.
     But, knowing I couldn't shirk those responsibilities, I just managed to squeeze in some extra Zs; I LOVE NAPS WHEN I AM SICK, and I can't get over how quickly they make me feel better!
     The exercise plan is to ride the bike tomorrow...starting my little 30 days in a row all over! And, then I want to lift weights on Sunday and Monday (no school, woo hoo!).
     I definitely have not been eating well, just pretty much grabbing whatever whenever, although I have not been too hungry, so not lots of snacking.
     I am looking forward to returning back to normal routine and cooking!!! (I don't like to cook when I am sick...who does?)
     I can't even remember the last time I weighed in...I would have to go back and read my old posts to find out! I have no idea what I weigh right now.
     I was thinking though that I would REALLY like to focus on we are halfway through February already, and I have a big summer coming up!!!!
     Stay tuned...

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