Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Feb. 22nd

Moving up
     Today I lifted weights! I feel gooooooooooooooooooood! I am especially happy because I increased weights in almost all my lifts!!!
     I did some cardio to warm-up, but I definitely want to get some more in today. We will see.
     Mostly...I feel SUPER right now!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, Feb. 2oth

Working out!!!
     I worked out with my good friend and INSPIRING workout partner, Janice! She is very knowledgeable, and just being there together, knowing she will be there, well, that motivates me to go!
     I did a cardio warm-up, then legs (which even though I detest, I always feel STRONG), back, and shoulders.
     I felt GREAT after lifting! So alive.
     We are going again on Sunday, and I can't wait. I already am starting to feel stronger!
     I need to focus on the eating and the cardio now! That's the plan for this upcoming week.
     I am going to go to WWers, and I am going to ride the bike in the mornings!!
     That's the plan!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GREAT day!

     Well, let's just say...BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!!
     I had a great day today :) So, I did work out this evening, 15 minutes cardio and then weights (chest, biceps, triceps).
     I have drank a ton of water today, too!!!
     I have a friend who wants to start going to Weight Watchers, so that she is inspiring to me, and we are going to go next Wednesday (not tomorrow)! Yeah! I am actually excited to go back and start up again.
     I did not get up this morning early and ride the bike because I was busy getting everything ready for our little girl's big day at school...she was the Very Important Person (VIP).
      But, it was worth it to miss the bike this morning, and I still did a little cardio in the afternoon.
     I did hit the hot tub tonight, which was much more play than relaxing, since the little one was in there with me! LOL! But, I am feeling great...totally recovered from illness, strong from working out, and mellow from the hot water.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yeah, today!

     I did go into school today and lift weights! Nice. I am already sore, especially my butt, dang those lunges, LOL!
     I worked my legs, back, and shoulders. I didn't do the ab work because I was just too tired and feeling my energy sap somewhat.
     I am going to lift tomorrow afternoon, too. Different set of muscles, though, and some more cardio.
     Today I did go on the elliptical trainer for 15 minutes to warm up to life.
     I consider that all good since I have been so icky sicky lately!
     I feel better, and I am looking forward to tomorrow :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Long week!

     Yikes! My bike now has three big huge old coats stacked up in the seat. I have not been on it all week :(
     I managed to pick up the crud. I am very lucky and pretty much never get sick, but this one grabbed a hold of me, and BYE BYE!
     I am planning on exercising tomorrow on the bike, nice and slow, so long as I can breathe and my head is not pounding.
     This all started out as a massive sinus infection, and then it settled in my throat (well, my glands are swollen), and it keeps tickling as the beginning of a cough.
     But, NO FEAR...I have slept A LOT!! And, I have been chugging the orange juice, and I bought stock in Airborne and Emergen C!
     It, of course, does NOT help that I have been busier this week than I wanted to be, with chaperoning a dance last night (I would've called in sick, but I am the advisor for the group that was sponsoring the dance, and so if I wasn't going to be there, we would've had to cancel...that's way too much pressure!) and also I had concessions at the basketball game tonight.
     But, knowing I couldn't shirk those responsibilities, I just managed to squeeze in some extra Zs; I LOVE NAPS WHEN I AM SICK, and I can't get over how quickly they make me feel better!
     The exercise plan is to ride the bike tomorrow...starting my little 30 days in a row all over! And, then I want to lift weights on Sunday and Monday (no school, woo hoo!).
     I definitely have not been eating well, just pretty much grabbing whatever whenever, although I have not been too hungry, so not lots of snacking.
     I am looking forward to returning back to normal routine and cooking!!! (I don't like to cook when I am sick...who does?)
     I can't even remember the last time I weighed in...I would have to go back and read my old posts to find out! I have no idea what I weigh right now.
     I was thinking though that I would REALLY like to focus on we are halfway through February already, and I have a big summer coming up!!!!
     Stay tuned...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exercise girl!!

     Thursday and Friday I only rode for 2 miles each morning and 10 minutes. But, my goal was to ride every day, and I figure considering I was doing nothing...that's an improvement.
     This morning, I walked on the eliptical for 15 minutes, and then I worked on weights.
     I focused on chest, biceps, triceps, and abs (sort of the abs...I detest doing those exercises, but I still did them).
     I am already sore...probably not a good thing. I imagine tomorrow I will be ridiculously sore. We shall see. I seriously tried to not overdo it, but I dunno.
     I was pretty surprised at how weak I felt today. Normally, weights are my thing, and I was not feeling STRONG. But, that will come.
     It was just nice to get in and move the weights!! And, I would not have gone, if not for my friend Janice.
     I find it so motivating to have someone else who really wants to work out!!
     So, the plan. I am going to continue riding my bike (I may even do so some this afternoon, although a nap is looking really good right now!), and then I want to work the weights at least two days a week, but I would prefer three times.
     If I ride today, it will be 19 days in a row on the bike! I won't be too stressed if I don't since I did jump on the eliptical, and that's exercise, so it counts!
     I have a massage on Monday (had one last Monday, too), and I am going to try and keep that going for a bit, too!
     I feel good right now. Really focused on what I want, and I am for the the FIRST time not trying to GUNG-HO, and then burn out.
     Oh, and I went for an hour ride this afternoon. I might have a sore bum tomorrow, too! It's been since October since I have been on my horse because he got sick. Thankfully he is all healthy, and boy I know he is feeling better because he is so feisty!!! It was a bit of a rodeo in the beginning, and I held my ground [this makes me so far I have come!!], and we had a super ride. Plus, I also used my new saddle that Ricky gave me for Christmas. I love it!
     So, it's definitely been an ACTIVE day!!! Yeah!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The last two mornings...

     The last two mornings (heck days) have been a little hectic, so I have not rode as long as I would like.
     Both times I have logged in only 10 minutes and 2 miles on the bike. But, I do hope to add more to that this afternoon/evening because we don't have anything going on, YEAH!
     I will write more later :) Happy Wednesday!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still finding time...

     I did squeeze in 20 minutes, and 4 miles on the bike today. I wanted to ride longer, but I woke up late, and I had to get stuff done to go to a Super Bowl party!
     I didn't eat CRAZY, but I didn't just eat veggies either.
      Overall, an OK day in the world of exercise and eating.
     I am SOOO excited for tomorrow because I am going to get a massage!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!
     Even though the play is over (bittersweet), we still have a bit of a busy week with appointments that were all saved up for when the play was over.
     But, I still plan on exercising each morning, and also I want to try for a little more in the evening/afternoon!