Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good morning!!!!

     I really wanted to sleep in this morning, but for some reason I woke up earlier, and I just decided to get up and get going. WHY not? There's always tomorrow to sleep in, right?!
     SO, I rode the bike for 30 minutes and 5 1/2 miles, and I am on page 130 of Twilight.
     The book has a little bit of a slow pace, but my experience with most first novels, especially in a series, it takes a bit to get going. But, I have also only been reading little snippets as I ride each morning.
     I figure this next week I will be able to get some quality reading and riding time in. But, my goal is at least 15 minutes of riding a day. I have now accomplished 12 days in a row!!!
     I was inspired by that article I posted earlier about doing something "little" for thirty days and seeing what kind of results come about.
     Yesterday I went to buy pants, as I needed a new pair of black jeans for the show. I didn't have a lot of time, so I was torn between grabbing a size 18 or size 20, since I knew I couldn't go try them on.
     I finally decided on the 20 because I was feeling like my size 18 were a little snugger through the holidays, and those pants are worn, so I figured they had stretched out.
     Well, the size 20 pants are WAY too big!!! I was pulling them up all night, and I didn't have a belt. Good news!
     My plan is to go back, and since I really like the style of the pants, I am going to buy a pair of 18 and pair of 16 pants.
     I really also want to weigh in, but life is too hectic this weekend, so I am thinking it will probably be on Monday after my massage appointment :)
     Hope your weekend rocks! Do something "little" today, just for 15 minutes. You won't regret it!!

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