Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just exercised!!!

     I just rode the bike for 50 minutes, 9 miles, and 63 pages of the book, which I finished :)
     I already have the next book ready, and I am excited to get up early tomorrow and ride!!
     This will be an exceptionally busy week, and I am planning on geting up each morning early to ride the bike.
     I am so glad that I am back on the bike :)


Wade said...

Dearest Trish - on December 15th I bought a new digital scale. It said I was 310.6 lbs. The most I have ever weighed. We bought exercise equipment but I never took it seriously. That day I did. I have made a commitment to get back to were I used to be. I have lost 24 lbs to date. Some weeks more some weeks less BUT the trend is a healthier lifestyle. Reading labels and skipping the stops at the snack machine (I have also learned to like "light" beer in moderation). "Change" is the important part. Some weeks it will be more and some weeks less. The overall trend is what is important. We weighed less once before. We may never get to where we were in High School (that may be unrealistic) but we can get back to closer to where we were. Keep it up and you will acheive your goals.

Take Care, Wade

tRiShA said...

Hey! Way to go WADE!!! That's awesome on the loss :) You are right, it is all about change and the being healthier. Thanks for the positive feedback, and you KEEP up the good work, too!