Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another week :)

     This past week, my eating was OK. Not bad, but not perfect. I did eat some bigger portions than normal, and then I will guiltily admit that I ate two candy bars. Not at the same time, one on two different days. I was feeling frustrated. Why? Because the scale went all the way back up to 231 in just two days (and, that wasn't when I was overeating). I guess I was feeling kinda like what's the point, in those moments of candy bar eating weakness. Instead of buckling down, I threw up the white flag. But, I jumped back on, and refocused.

     I did exercise a little more this past week. Monday I tried the country line-dancing video. Tuesday we played Wii for 30 minutes. Wednesday and Thursday I snuck in 20 minutes of walking on each day, and then nothing on Friday or Saturday.

     Yesterday I did walk for over 3 miles, but what was even better is that it was down and up Robinson Canyon, which is quite a grade. I did not stop once. A couple of times I felt like I needed to, but I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CORNY, but I pretended I was on the Biggest Loser and Jillian was yelling at me, telling me that I could do it, and that I wouldn't die, and I didn't need a break. And, I powered right through those moments that I wanted to stop. I felt so good when I made it to the top.

     In the end, this morning I weigh 229.0, which means I am up 3.4 pounds from last week :( And, ultimately down only one pound from where I started (2 from the highest I was this week).

     BUT, I am back on track! I have all my meals planned out for the week, and I have my exercise plan, too. So, I will see you on the lighter side!

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