Sunday, January 23, 2011

Need to vent a little

Sundays have become my walking day! I love walking. I love the sunshine, and the fresh, cold air. I love being outside :)

Here's what I don't love about my walks...

I can't wait until the roads are cleaned. All the sand and dirt turn into a nasty tornado when people zoom by in their cars. Note to self: wear your sunglasses next time!

I also DETEST people who have vicious dogs that are not restrained. I think it's crap when the dogs bust out onto the road, with their hackles up and growling and barking. GIVE ME A BREAK! I don't care if they act like that in their yards, but they will follow me down the road, with me hollering at them. Grrrr...

I'm still going to walk. And, I know the dirt situation will improve soon enough :) The dogs...maybe I will invest in some mace?

Sorry this post was a little negative...See ya on the lighter side, promise!

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