Monday, January 17, 2011

One week down!

     And, what a crazy week it was!! I now weigh 225.6, so that's 4.6 pounds, and let me tell you, I am shocked at that. I was seriously hoping for two pounds, but I was even suspect of that, given the week I had!
     Besides an early visit from Mother Nature this past week, I also messed up my neck last Sunday, and it only freaked out more and more through the week. I had incredible swelling in my neck that also traveled down my back. Swelling, that you could touch and see, talk about retaining fluid.
     I have been battling dizziness, not sure what's the cause either. Maybe it's my neck being out, or it could be my thyroid acting up, or vertigo (hope not!), and I even read that women on their cycle can experience dizziness. Going to have to go to the doctor if that doesn't straighten out soon.
     SO, with the swollen and sore neck and the dizziness, I did not exericise as I would have liked! I did go ice skating on Saturday with our Brownie troop, and that was a blast. We were there for a couple of hours, and I did skate a lot, only having to rest because my feet hurt. That was definitely good exercise, and it made me think of all the fun things I love to do outside, and yes, even in the winter!
     Yesterday I went for over a 4-mile walk. The weather was glorious, and that felt good. I did get a little dizzy a the end of the walk, but other than that I did OK! After that I did some packing and loading and unpacking, which is always a workout!
     So, altogether my exercise for the week was just the weekend, and I would say it was a couple hours total, so it met my goal from last week!
     The big thing that made the difference this past week was planning and portions. I planned all the meals and snacks for the week. I had healthy and yummy snacks available at all times. I did not have seconds at meals, and I had small to average-sized portions.
     I did drink my water each day. And, I also drank tea several times a day, and I find that helps me with my urge to snack, especially later in the evening.
     The one thing I did not do this past week...I did not write everything down that I read. I tried for the first two days, and then I just didn't. I don't know what's the deal with that.
     It was almost a blessing that I had a tough week because it showed me that it's really about eating sensibly, drinking my water, and trying for a little exercise that will make a huge difference! All of which are things that I can do!
     My goals for this week are the same as last week. I have decided that if I lose my goal weight each week of 2 pounds, that will be 8 pounds a month, and 40 pounds by my 40th birthday, which will put me at 190. Now, that would be a birthday gift to me!
     Signing off from 225.6. See ya on the lighter side!

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