Monday, January 17, 2011

Make it fun and change it up!

     I love to walk! I've decided that I am going to go for one long walk a week (usually on the weekend, and usually Sunday). And, I like to walk somewhere different every time, though I don't enjoy the uncertainty of the dogs in the neighborhood.
     Once it's lighter in the morning, I will get up and go for a walk earlier in the morning. But, for now, seeing as how we had a cougar at our house a couple of weeks ago, I don't plan on being breakfast at sunrise.
     I do also like to do fun things like ice skate, and even snowshoe (which I haven't done in ages). I love cross-country skiing, and even though I have my own gear, I have only gone a few times since I have lived here.
     I love tubing and sledding. So, really there are lots of fun things to do outside, even in the winter. OH, and I can't wait until the spring!!! Bring out the horses then, too!
     I love dancing, too. I wish I had time in my schedule right now for Zumba! I need to see if I can even squeeze in one Zumba session a week until after the play is over.
     Today I danced my little heart out to a country line dancing exercise video. It was a blast :)
     I also like playing Wii, and I love, love, love the Just Dance games we have!
     So, I am going to make exercise a priority, and I am going to make it fun, and I am going to try all different things to keep it fresh!
     What do you like to do? What's your favorite exercise?
     See ya on the lighter side!

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