Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching up!

     Yesterday I was in a mad cleaning frenzy. I don't mean angry at the dirt, but rather CRAZY! LOL
     I was a bit behind on housework with some busy weeks with school starting and whatnot, so the big goal yesterday was to catch up and get everything done.
     I accomplished that! I love turning on the satellite radio and blasting the 80s hair bands! So, I was rocking out while I was busy cleaning.
     Yesterday I also finished unpacking everything, as I still had a few boxes left.
     I can't believe how much you can sweat from doing housework!! When it was all done, I felt both good for how clean and organized everything was, but I also felt good for revving up my heart and burning calories out of the deal!
     I also planned the week's meals and did all the grocery shopping yesterday, so that's out of the way, too!
     I even did some prep work for the meals this week, which gives me more time on the busier days.
     I worked with the horses last night, and I decided that definitely counts in the workout column, since I do a lot of walking with our POA. Even riding uses muscles, especially since we go bareback most of the time.
     Speaking of riding...This week, I am going to ride my bike in the mornings!! I think I have caught up on sleep, and I am more on schedule now.
     With all that accomplished yesterday, today I get to play!! And, boy, do I plan on it!

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