Sunday, September 7, 2008

I love the fair!

     I love going to our fair! It's fun to see everyone you know and check out ALL the exhibits!
     Of course, another highlight is the fair food. The only bad thing is most of it is FATTY!
     I haven't had a chance to weigh this week. I'm hoping I can later tonight. Then I will update.
     Everything I have eaten at the fair so far (going back today, too): One maple sausage (huge and fat), two corn on the cob (with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray), one small ice cream (in a cup, but really it doesn't seem that small), one bag of mini-doughnuts, lots of ice tea, a couple bottles of water, and that's it.
     I need to add a piece of pizza (only one, and it was cheese) and a small Butterfinger McFlurry last night when we were coming back from the football game in Chelan.
     That's everything that I have eaten on Friday and Saturday. Not very balanced or very healthy for that matter! But, I have to say it could be WORSE! LOL.
     The other good thing about the fair is all the walking and walking and walking! SO, maybe some of that fatty food will be disappearing...I hope.
     I also rode my horse yesterday for about an hour in the morning, so that counts for some exercise, too.
     Bottom line: I love the fair!

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