Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's new??

     As usual, I blink and life seems to run faster!!! LOL. Things are going smoothly, and I cannot believe how much easier it has been to make all those good health choices when I am working!
     I do want to work on the water bit, but I have been back on track of counting points (and, tracking everything I am eating), eating lots of fruits and veggies.
     The best thing is that I am exercising more regularly. For the past two mornings, I have set the alarm clock for earlier than last week. I have quite the routine in the morning, but I LOVE it!
     I get Rick's muffins going, all the lunches and coffee made, and then I ride the recumbent bike! I don't know how many miles (I lost the batteries to the bike during the move, and I haven't had time to just go buy more!) I am logging, and instead I am keeping track of time.
     I also worked out on weights last night with the cheerleaders, and then I will again tomorrow night, too!
     I didn't weigh today, but I will try to do that tomorrow to give everyone an update.
     The really good news is that I tried on a bunch of my old jeans last night, and I could wear sizes that I had no idea I was even close to!! WOO hoo!!! Gotta love it :)
     I still find it amazing how much easier it is to stick to good choices when life is busier. Well, I don't mind!!
     Cody will hopefully be back the last week of October and first of November, and we plan on getting family pictures then! SO, I have some motivation to lose at least 10 more pounds!

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