Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nothing new

     I'm definitely in a holding pattern. I guess that's not a bad thing, or at least it could be worse. It's not really a good thing either.
     I did weigh last Saturday, and I had lost two pounds. I got so busy I didn't blog. Then, I weighed today, and I gained those two pounds back, so I am exactly where I was. SIGH. Like I said, holding pattern.
     I still am wearing all the jeans I couldn't wear last year, and I have even pulled out some shirts that I have been wearing to school, so that's good, too.
     But, I am not motivated at all to do any exercise. I have been really tired lately, too, so the thought of getting up early, well, it's just not happening!
     I have been riding most every day, and I know that is some exercise, and I know that if I were to walk in the time that I ride that I would lose weight, but I'm just too hooked on riding my horse!
     I know what I need to do...sigh. It's just a matter of doing it. I need to get up earlier and ride the bike. I won't do it later in the night because by the time I get in from riding, I am wiped out.
     Maybe this week I will walk during my lunch. That would at least get me up and out :) And, it's supposed to be super warm this week!
     I know what I really need to do this week...I need to call a meeting, and I need to get everyone back on track. When I am motivating the group, it seems easier to motivate myself!
     I will keep you posted!

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