Sunday, September 14, 2008


     I just stopped by Fitzgerald's out just south of Malott, and I bought some of the most yummy pears I have eaten all summer!
     I also picked up corn, which is far cheaper than the store, and it was just picked TODAY! Talk about fresh :)
     I bought tomatoes, too. I can't wait to slice into those gi-normous things!
     Also, a new discovery for me...I found out that the microwave does a pretty decent job on acorn squash. You know how sometimes a microwave cook job isn't nearly like an oven bake job?
     So, we had acorn squash two different times this week1 I LOVE it! And, it's very quick in the microwave, woo hoo!
     Also, I just tried a new recipe that I found on Hungry Girl. You take 2.5 tsps. of yellow cake, and 4 tsps of peach baby food. You mix it up, and microwave it for one minute, then let it stand for five more.
     What a sweet little dessert (it's basically a microwave cupcake), and it's only two points! Super easy, super quick, and YUMMY!

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