Tuesday, September 16, 2008

LOVE it!

     Right now I especially LOVE the Farmers' Market!! Tonight we stopped by and bought: Nectarines, Pluots, Apples, Tomatoes - both red and green!
     Right now we have so much fruit in our fridge; it's crazy! We add to the list of what we bought tonight, the pears and other apples we picked up on Sunday.
     And, I have tons of yummy veggies, too! Tonight we made some of the sweet corn we bought at Fitzgerald's, and OH MY GOODNESS it rocked my socks off.
     We are going to have acorn squash (also fresh) on Thursday, and right now I just feel like I can't get enough of these healthy options!
     Today I had the best dinner! I had butternut squash ravioli! Delicious.
     I love that I am craving good and yummy food!
     We have been riding each night after dinner for close to two hours. It's a good workout, since we go bareback, and I also walk up and down the driveway a million times with our little one when she rides her horse, when we are not riding mine.
     Today, I had several people tell me how pretty I looked! That felt good. You know those kinds of days? Where your hair is just right, and your pants fit perfect, and the color shirt shows off your eyes, that sort of day, and then people notice, and not only do they notice, but they make a point to tell you!
     Of course, it could be all that healthy food I am eating that gives me this happy glow...or MAYBE it's just that I'm QUITE happy right now :)

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