Thursday, February 21, 2008

A bit of a blur, nothing new!

      Life has been full and busy; I know, nothing new. As well, I don't have anything new to blog about as far as the weight and wait of trimming down.
      I did make contact with a personal trainer, and I am hoping that our schedules will mix just right, so I can work with her.
      But, I am going to wait until after February 29th! Once the auction (Come to the Montessori Auction!!! It is Friday, February 29th at the Elks in Omak at 6:30! Hawaiian attire is welcome to the Leaping into a Luau Auction!) is over, life will settle down (ha ha, yeah right!).
     I haven't been especially focused on nuturing my body, but I have been paying attention to my mind and soul lately.
      Besides meditating, I have been taking time to enjoy things in life I really want to enjoy! Lots of reading, some writing (working on that novel), spending time with the kiddos, etc.
      I also started celebrating Spring a wee bit early by cleaning! I have cleaned out the Buick (and, it's actually parked at Rick's until I sell it), since I bought a new (well, new to me) car! Yahoo!
      And, I was able to work more in my classroom and unpack (and throw away/recycle, might I add) things that were still boxed from the beginning of the year, since we didn't have any time before school to deal with that stuff. I figured I would have to wait until this summer, but I have just been motivated to DE-CLUTTER my life!
     Last night, we had a really fun family night. After we ate together, Jordan and Sarah played and read and were just all around goofy; they had Ricky and I just cracking up most of the night. Then add in four dogs, and it was a BLUR, indeed! It's times like those that make me miss Cody, though. We all do.
      I love that the days are lighter and lighter, and I love even more that Daylight Saving Time (I always thought it was Savings, but it's not; it's Saving) is sooooo much earlier now (3 weeks)! Bring on March 9th! Of course, this is the second year of it being in early March, and I love it because it feels like we have more time to be outside AND exercise!

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