Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy weekend!

     First Friday night was HECTIC, but happy :) Jordie had his last b-ball game of the season. Then our little one danced her heart out (and, I have a great video I will try and upload).
      One of my groups was running concessions, which ran out of EVERYTHING. We aren't in charge of ordering, but boy, what a BUSY and profitable night!
     I also spent time with my good friend's baby. He is such a doll, and he just feels like the calm in the storm. Even on such a busy evening, just holding him relaxed me.
     I actually read up on that, and there is a hormone called oxytocin, which is a happy hormone. And, studies have shown that holding a baby or a puppy releases this!
      You can check out an article about it:
     We decided last night to stay in and watch movies, which we were all in the mood for comedies!
     We spent time yesterday and today making stuff for our baskets for the Montessori auction (February 29th!) and making Valentines cards!

     We had so much fun making these cards! We researched ideas, and then we actually changed the saying from the original one and added a pencil! My step-daughter Sarah did everything except the writing of our saying and the tying of the pencil. She was soooo funny!
     You can check out my other blog for something else I worked on, another project! It was overall a good weekend!!

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