Thursday, February 7, 2008

A comfy place we go...and, introducing Ambrosia Apple!

Whenever we travel to Wenatchee, we always stop at our favorite roadside restaurant, The Lone Pine Fruit and Espresso Stand, just south of the Beebe Bridge. It’s a delightful place, which I think many people just miss, mostly because they are in such a hurry going or coming. We always leave earlier, if necessary, to guarantee a stop there, and occasionally we will grab a yummy treat and our lattes to go (if time is short).

They have comfy chairs and fun things to check out and discover, besides delicious food! We love the service there, people are always friendly, and all the food rocks: sandwiches and soup, pastries, etc. They also have a cool selection of PNW wines and microbrews to boot! (I do have a pic on my other blog that I took of our coffee on the checker coffee table.)

I even have one of the best Christmas presents ever from there! Rick actually drove down there just to pick up a bracelet (made from a cow horn) for me two years ago. They also have live music in the summer, and Rick and I have included that on our “to do” list for the summer of 2008!

This past Monday, I discovered the Ambrosia apple as a perfect snack. I bought one to eat while Rick ate a homemade cinnamon roll. We both loved the apple so much that we purchased a big bag to bring home.

I, of course, had to then research this apple, since I had never found one before. It turns out it has some close-to-home connections. It was actually discovered (on accident) in an orchard in British Columbia. Lucky for me, as it is now my favorite apple! Our little one devoured two apples as a snack yesterday after her cheer camp, and then she wanted another at dinner!!

So, stopping by one of our favorite places was definitely one major plus for two trips this week to Wenatchee!

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