Friday, February 22, 2008

Weight Watchers, maybe?

     My girlfriend and I are thinking about joining Weight Watchers. I know several people who have been active in the local group here, and who have found some good success in the past couple of years.
     I did join Weight Watchers eons ago, when I lived in Leavenworth, and I really liked the points set-up.
     Really it's all about being accountable. Whenever I write down what I eat (which points makes it way easier to keep track of, I think), and journal water consumption and exercise, I always am more successful.
     Then it just cycles back to STAYING motivated. I kinda feel like if I do it with a friend, then we can keep each other motivated.
     I tell ya, when I watch The Biggest Loser, I always think that I could do REALLY well, if I had that sort of support.
     That's a big reason as to why I contacted a personal trainer, and I am trying to make my schedule work, so that I can work out with someone on weights several times a week.
     I am also excited because our school has a new gym all set-up now, and it even has some awesome cardio machines.
     I will be happy when Saturday rolls around this next week, and our auction is over! Then, then, then :)

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