Wednesday, February 13, 2008


     If you know about shilly-shally, you know that it comes from Shall I? Shall I? Then it sorta morphed into its synonym, dilly-dally.
     It can mean to be indecisive or hesitant and to waste time or dawdle (which I did look up dawdle's etymology and it is from toddle).
     SO, I feel like my weight and my decisions surrounding it are all shilly-shally at the moment. You see, I seem to see-saw.
     I haven't weighed for weeks, using the excuse that the scale I was using needs batteries. Like I couldn't go buy the batteries and bring them to school?
     Although my eating has MOSTLY been OK. I have pretty much stopped drinking water, and I am not exercising either. I do feel like I have gained a little weight back.
     Today I went to Wallwebbers for lunch, and I ate a yummy BBQ meatball sandwich and seafood soup. So yummy I can only imagine the calories. Well, really I don't want to imagine.
     But, on the glittering side of things, I had lunch with my friend Tim, and he talked with me about a couple of ideas that directly relate to my life right now. Motsly, our coversation hovered around goals and positive thinking and creating happiness.
     Perhaps my shilly-shally days are coming to an end.

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