Friday, August 17, 2007

Lazy days (or is it daze)

     Yesterday wasn't REALLY lazy. Actually it was more active, but that's a different story altogether!
     I did not blog yesterday because I never sat down long enough in front of the computer to do so. Today's will be a longer one to make up for it, OK?
     I spent yesterday enjoying my step-daughter! We jumped on the tramp for most of the morning, then we headed inside to "perform" (as she says) Salsa dancing (an aerobic video I LOVE).
     We made a special lunch for Dad including YUMMY cucumbers from my friend Jancey's garden! We add the veggie to water, vinegar and spices. The little one is addicted!!
     As we were leaving after lunch for a play date, I realized I had a flat tire!! I considered (briefly) changing it. I have done so before, you know?
     Yup! I was on a road trip (by myself to hook up with a friend), I was in the middle of Manitoba, Canada farmland (sunflower fields as far as the cliche' eye could see!), and I blew a tire!
     I had NEVER changed one before, and I was in a no-cell service area with NO houses anywhere (I remember thinking that the farmers must all live far away and then come to their fields.).
     I grabbed my car manual, unloaded my PACKED car (lots of camping gear and food for the cabin), and started the process.
     Then just for dramatic effect, it started to rain. Not just sprinkle, I am talking torrential downpour! Thankfully it was August and HOT! I felt like I was in some sort of commercial, LOL!
     Bottom line...I unpacked my car, changed my tire, and packed my car all in 30 minutes! I danced in the rain (literally) and sang, "'Cuz I'm a WOMAN, Enjoli! I can bring home the bacon. Fry it up in a pan."
     Quite the sight, I am sure. One of my favorite memories, and I did it myself!! The power of independence, baby!
     Yeah, if you don't know the commercial, you should check it out. I remember it as a little girl, and my mom actually had the Enjoli perfume!
     I just went searching, and I found the clip on You Tube! Check it out!!
     Back to my world yesterday. I thought about changing it, but one of the many benefits of having a mechanic in your life is that he can come to the rescue! Between Rick and my best friend, our afternoon was saved! We still had our play date, and the kiddos swam in the pool.
     Speaking of which, I am really worried about the air quality. I just noticed today on the Chronicle an article from the health department about that issue.
     Our little one has a nasty cough, and I really think it is smoke-induced asthma! It takes me back to when Jordie was the same age, and we had the nasty fires in Leavenworth! He actually had an inhaler, and we had to spend much of our time inside.
     Last year with all the smoke from the Conconully fire, I know of a student who had to leave until the smoke cleared. Scary.
     This also makes me think about exercising outside in this junk! Imagine if we lived in a place that was always like this because of smoke or smog. YUCK!
     Yesterday also included some deep cleaning. I just had a bug, and I went at it! I cleaned the stove (inside and out, even the burner pans), and the fridge.
     Last night I made a super yummy salad, we had baked pork steaks, and a veggie stirfry (including garden fresh squash--thanks Jancey!).
     After dinner we played outside until dark (which I cannot believe how much earlier it already is).
     The other day I decided to rent a DVD of a television series called Deadwood that was on HBO. We have HBO, but we just missed the show, I guess.
     Anyhow, Rick and I love westerns, and so we watched two episodes last night. (Beware this is definitely an after the kids go to bed sort of show especially because of the language!).
     We really liked the show, and now we are going to rent the rest of the season and seasons two and three.
     I also want to do this with a couple of other tv series that I have missed. It's a great thing to do when there is NOTHING on tv!
     That brings us to today. I did get up to see my step-daughter and Rick off and then I went back to bed...So, I guess I had a second sleep-in time of after 10!!!! I never do that, and it felt so good! Lazy, huh?!
     I then went to the coffee place, and now I am blogging. I am going to do some more housework today, and I am going to walk to the top of the Orchard Grade hill!
     I have two birthday gigs today, dinner tonight at our friends, the Lockwoods, AND JORDIE WILL BE HOME FROM CAMP!!!
     He arrives home and heads to football practice! I can't wait to see the little guy!
     Speaking of little (which really he is not), his birthday is this Sunday!! WHO gave him permission to be 15???
     And, I also heard from Cody on Wednesday evening, which was really nice! Granted short (1 minute and 24 seconds), but good to hear his voice and know he made it to Camp Pendelton safely.
     Busy weekend ahead, but good busy. My busy.
     P.S. The pic is one that Rick took while we were in Yellowstone. It is one of my MANY favorites of the beauty of nature!!

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