Thursday, August 30, 2007


     Sorry. This has just been an incredibly hectic week. I have been working on my classroom and getting ready to return to school next week.
     Add in cheerleading practices, family responsibilities, chores, and helping a friend in need, and truly I have not had much time to blog.
     I have been eating well this entire week. I have also found that by bleaching my teeth at night, I don't snack (because I can't!).
     I definitely need to drink more water. I am feeling dehydrated, not good.
      I have not had ANY deliberate exercise, but I have been sweating TONS with all the moving and cleaning.
     I am just thrilled about my new classroom!! I will be even more thrilled when I am all settled.
     Right now my best friend is dealing with some major stress as her mom is very ill. I feel so much empathy for her.
      As well, another very close friend recently lost her two-year-old niece unexpectantly.
     This just has me thinking about all of those things surrounding how much I love my family and friends, how all the little things that bug us really don't matter, and how life is far too short to spend it in stress or in conflict.
     You just never know when your tomorrow won't come. Will those around you know how much you loved them? Have you shown them?
     This has been a summer of re-prioritizing for me. I have really searched out my heart, my mind, my spirit.
     I am giving so much away that I used to feel I needed to control or thought I even wanted to control. And, instead...I am using THAT energy for my kids (all three of them), my fiancee', my family and my friends.

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