Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon...the two most beautiful words in the English language. --Henry James (one of my fav authors)

     Good morning!!
     It feels so good to be back and settling into some sort of routine. I can hardly believe that school is just around the bend!!
     I have so much I still want to squeeze out of summer!!!!
     This has truly been one of the best summers of my life, and such a summer of change. Who would've thought I would feel how I do right now???
     Rick took this picture, and we were at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone. What was really cool about this exact place is that from where we were standing it just looked like the pool behind me was running off into the horizon. BEAUTIFUL!
     I am excited for Stampede this weekend. We, of course, are taking the kiddos to the carnival and rodeo! I can't wait!!!
     I think I am more of a kid about it because I have not lived here all of my life. I did attend the Stampede back when I was in high school (I went grades 8-11 at Oroville).
     But, it's so much more fun with all of the family! Rick's big kids will be with us, too, and my sister is coming in from the coast. Good times!
     Onto other things. When we came home I went and bought Chinese food because I did not want to cook since I was tired.
     The really cool thing...I am so about portions now!! I did not overeat, and I did take tiny (TINY) portions, and then had tiny (TINY) seconds, which in reality all added up to MAYBE one small portion, but felt like more.
     I need to get back on the water gig, and also I need to work the intentional workout back in. I did workout a ton during cheer camp and our vacation, but now that I am home, I don't want to let things slide! I feel good!
     I weigh 231 right now, which is almost thirty pounds down this summer. The only thing that sort of bums me out is that I let myself get up to 260. I just keep thinking about where I would be right now...I would be under 200!!! SIGH.
     It's least now I am going in the right direction! And, I am trying REALLY hard to NOT allow the negative thoughts to harbor in my mind.
     I recently read Eat, Pray, and Love, and it seriously has had a PROFOUND effect on my life. It was a book club selection that in all honesty, I probably would have never read. WOW!
     By the way, I have posted the books I have read this summer for those of you who need a book to read. They have all been GREAT and just perfect for what I have needed at this time in my life.
     I love learning about myself, often times through others (whether that be real life people--our friends, strangers, and even people we don't like-- I know or through non-fiction books). I once read (big shock) that what you don't like in another person is something that you don't like about yourself...hmmmm.
     When I just read the book about overachiever culture on our trip, I freaked because I could recognize myself as both a student and a parent (not to the extreme that was chronicled in the book, but enough to make me want to change some behavior.). I kept reading parts to Rick, and we would have these long parenting conversations about it.
     The things that I continue to work on and that directly relate to me as a person (and a person trying to lose weight)...control issues, perfectionism, co-dependency and overachieverism.
     I think what makes us stronger is realizing our weaknesses and our strengths.
     Hey, one other thing I did update my profile which I have not done since I started hosting here at I also have realized that my blog readership is quickly approaching 10,000 visits JUST since March!! WOW!
     And, to quote my favorite guy for now I am living life..."Day by day."


Anonymous said...

You look amazing!! My favorite words are "I lost___ pounds!!"

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful job with losing that much weight! You are doing spectacular.