Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pretty Pedicure

     We rolled into town last night late, and I am GLAD to be home! We spent the last two days on the road discovering even more beautiful places, and even closer to home!
     In particular, Rick and I found several places we hope to retire to...Baker City was beautiful horse country!
     I am posting a pic of my most amazing toes from my pedicure in Utah! I just love them, and this pic was taken while we will driving down the road.
     And, those are my new Cabela's sandals!!
     Another very cool thing about our drive home is that we ran into my parents in Ontario, Oregon! Here is the crazy thing!!! My parents were in Texas, and then I haven't seen my Dad since March because he has been in Texas taking care of my grandpa.
     Then we run into them in Idaho with all of us on our way home!! How cool, what a quawinkydink!!!
     I just love my DADDY so much!!
     As regards to the blog drama of the past few days...First, I am very APPRECIATIVE that we were on the road and had no computer access!
     It's unfortunate that things turned rather ugly, as really that is NOT what this blog is about. I do also appreciate the support from my readers!
     I will write more tonight or tomorrow morning, as now we are on our way to up this vacation!
     By the way...GOOD NEWS...I lost 6 pounds on our vacation!! Woo hoo!!


Anonymous said...

Trisha I apologize for letting it get as ugly as it did. I really am sorry. I just felt offended by what the other people said. It wasn't my intention at all to make you feel uncomfortable. Anyways I apologize once again and hope you can forgive us for letting it go that far. But we all stick have your back. Hope you know that it's because we love you!!!

P.S. Love the new page and the toes!! So cute!!!

P.P.S. So glad your trip was great!! And Congrats on the 6 pounds!! We are all proud of you and you inspire me!! I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Typo!! I meant "still" not "stick" lol whoopsy!!


No apologies necessary... what I meant was it just seemed like a personal matter that didn't have to be dealt with in such a public manner, and seeing how I was not around to even address it all, it played out the way it did. But, honestly, I did not have any control over that, and I am very thankful that my readers (albeit forthright) are so loyal.

Way to go on losing weight!!! Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

We all will be here in front of our computer screens reading and commenting you. We are here for you. We are your friends whether you like it or not. LOL. Thank you so much Trisha!!


Lotsa LOVE to you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Trisha!! I wouldn't have lost that weight if you didn't inspire me so much to do something to change my health. It's more about my health being great rather than my losing pounds...but it feels so great to say that i lost it!! Lol. But of course we are loyal to you Trisha. We always will be. You've done so much for us. It just gets me so upset about what they said. I won't even go there right now! But I hope you didn't listen to anything they said. We all support you!! :D
We <3 you!!

tRiShA said...

I will tell you that words do hurt. BUT...I remember a few things that my Daddy taught me.

First, consider the source. Is this someone that means anything to me or me to them? I have learned this summer, especially, that those that TRULY love you are the honest people in your life who will even tell you what you don't necessarily want to hear! They are the people who want what's best for you, and they will stand by you through anything.

And, probably just as important, he taught me that people only lash out when they are hurting, so no matter how hard it is (and, BELIEVE me it can be VERY hard --nearly impossible-- at times), it's our responsibility to feel empathy for those souls in pain.

I don't pretend that I am able to respond like that all the time. Usually though after a bit of time and thought, I can consider both of those tenets that my Daddy shared with me.

Anonymous said...

Your father is a very wise man. You are lucky to have him in your life and he's lucky to have raised such an amazing woman. I can tell that you have such a great head on your shoulders and you are sucha a strong person. I've never met anyone as inspiring as you are. You truly are a great person with an awesome heart.