Monday, August 27, 2007


     This past few days has felt like a week! Seriously! Friday was spent with cheer practice, errands, chores, and sick people.
     Rick was icky sicky and stayed at my house all day Friday. Then Friday evening I started feeling not so swell, but I really think it was allergies.
     Saturday everyone was feeling under the weather (except Jordie), and we still had 12 tons of hay to haul and a birthday party to attend. Is there ever enough time in the day?
     Sunday was spent prepping for the cheerleader sleepover! We camped on the football field at the school.
     This was a family affair because both my step-daughter and Jordie spent the night making posters, painting, eating, playing, and just having TONS of fun!
     We accomplished the MAJOR task we had of painting our cheer boxes, and we started signs, and mostly we just had some quality bonding time. This morning we worked our cheers and chants.
     Drinking water...good on Friday and Saturday, and OK on Sunday.
     Eating...good for the past three days.
     Exercising...EXCELLENT. My legs are SUPER sore today!
     So, I am tired (especially when we went to bed so late last night and REALLY did not have tons of sleep), but tired in a good way. It's all about making the memories.
     This morning I received another letter from Cody, but this one made me cry. He is missing us all, and he just loves us so much. It really touched my heart.
     As I sit here right now typing away, I am reminded at was is truly important in this world...FAMILY.

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