Thursday, August 30, 2007

We ARE the World

     I am working on a lesson plan with a friend, and we had to access this video. LOVE IT!
     Really, what a diverse group of people both in their personal and music backgrounds. Can you name everyone?
      Seems like everyone today is just too busy (or too separate) to do something like this.
     I know that there were benefit concerts when Katrina happened, but they weren't a group of people coming together to record a song, but rather individuals making an appearance and playing their own songs.
     I can hardly believe that this was 1985!! I was in 8th grade then! Enjoy!


     Sorry. This has just been an incredibly hectic week. I have been working on my classroom and getting ready to return to school next week.
     Add in cheerleading practices, family responsibilities, chores, and helping a friend in need, and truly I have not had much time to blog.
     I have been eating well this entire week. I have also found that by bleaching my teeth at night, I don't snack (because I can't!).
     I definitely need to drink more water. I am feeling dehydrated, not good.
      I have not had ANY deliberate exercise, but I have been sweating TONS with all the moving and cleaning.
     I am just thrilled about my new classroom!! I will be even more thrilled when I am all settled.
     Right now my best friend is dealing with some major stress as her mom is very ill. I feel so much empathy for her.
      As well, another very close friend recently lost her two-year-old niece unexpectantly.
     This just has me thinking about all of those things surrounding how much I love my family and friends, how all the little things that bug us really don't matter, and how life is far too short to spend it in stress or in conflict.
     You just never know when your tomorrow won't come. Will those around you know how much you loved them? Have you shown them?
     This has been a summer of re-prioritizing for me. I have really searched out my heart, my mind, my spirit.
     I am giving so much away that I used to feel I needed to control or thought I even wanted to control. And, instead...I am using THAT energy for my kids (all three of them), my fiancee', my family and my friends.

Monday, August 27, 2007


     This past few days has felt like a week! Seriously! Friday was spent with cheer practice, errands, chores, and sick people.
     Rick was icky sicky and stayed at my house all day Friday. Then Friday evening I started feeling not so swell, but I really think it was allergies.
     Saturday everyone was feeling under the weather (except Jordie), and we still had 12 tons of hay to haul and a birthday party to attend. Is there ever enough time in the day?
     Sunday was spent prepping for the cheerleader sleepover! We camped on the football field at the school.
     This was a family affair because both my step-daughter and Jordie spent the night making posters, painting, eating, playing, and just having TONS of fun!
     We accomplished the MAJOR task we had of painting our cheer boxes, and we started signs, and mostly we just had some quality bonding time. This morning we worked our cheers and chants.
     Drinking water...good on Friday and Saturday, and OK on Sunday.
     Eating...good for the past three days.
     Exercising...EXCELLENT. My legs are SUPER sore today!
     So, I am tired (especially when we went to bed so late last night and REALLY did not have tons of sleep), but tired in a good way. It's all about making the memories.
     This morning I received another letter from Cody, but this one made me cry. He is missing us all, and he just loves us so much. It really touched my heart.
     As I sit here right now typing away, I am reminded at was is truly important in this world...FAMILY.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Cody's got moves!

     Very exciting!!! I received my first letter from Cody! It was such a happy surprise today!
     If you want to mail him a letter or postcard, here is his addy and it must be EXACTLY as this:
Recruit Bradley, Cody J
3rd BN Kilo Ptl 3225
38990 Midway Ave
San Diego, CA 92140-3225
     He cannot receive any packages or gifts, and any pics sent are shared with everyone!
     I will write more later. I am off to mail letters out to Cody!!
     This video is from the last day Cody was home when we headed off to take my son and his best friend to camp!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


     A look or something someone says, a picture, a smell, or a song, or maybe even a line from a book or a poem (my title today comes from Jabberwocky, the first poem I ever memorized!)...any of those can evoke a memory.
     Today's pic is one of Jordie and his best friend Dylan. This is a picture of an important ritual. We always stop and take the pic at that sign as they are headed to church camp each year.
     This particular pic makes me think of all sorts of things from friendship to fun to family to crazy car rides.
     Cody was on the trip from this pic, so even though he is not in the pic, it still makes me think of him.
     Speaking of Cody, I had a terrible and scary dream about him Tuesday night. It freaked me out to the point of waking up in tears (that has never happened to me before).
     I have been having very vivid dreams of late. I don't know if it is what I am eating or perhaps reading or watching on television, but YOWSER!
     Today is a milestone day! Today my blog reached over 10,000 hits, and that is just since March of this year (6 months).
     I am so appreciative of my readers and for the opportunity to write, something I so dearly love to do, and without this blog wouldn't.
     Yesterday I ate well. We did buy Papa Murphy's pizza since we were hauling hay, and I only ate one piece. I just wasn't very hungry.
     Hauling hay was quite the adventure, including dealing with a blown tire on the trailer as we were driving down the highway (that was scary!).
     But, all is good, and we were just very tired last night (maybe that's what was the deal with the freaky dreams is all about).
     We continued hauling tonight, and tonight I was NOT good in the eating department, as I broke down and went to Dairy Queen, and I ate a cheeseburger and a medium (not small) Blizard.
     I am not going to beat myself up about it though because I have been eating really well, and I did work very hard today.
     To close, I was thinking that I would remind you to think about a REALLY great memory from this summer. I know mine has been quite MEMORABLE! Callooh, callay!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Catch-up time!

     (This picture is of Old Faithful. It was cool to see, but definitely I have a changed perspective of it as compared to when I was in third grade! Also, I have read that it is slowly decreasing in size, so it was not all just in my head that it didn't seem so huge!)
     Greetings!! So, sorry that I missed yesterday's blog. The day just became busier than expected.
     Let's first review the weekend. Friday night we had a yummy dinner and watched a movie with our friends.
     I made a salad I had never made before. Although at first I added too much horseradish (it just came out too fast), I was able to temper it with light sour cream.
     I made the cold salad from garden fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. I added corn (Quincy frozen) and red onions. Then I mixed it all up with light sour cream, fat free Miracle Whip, chili seasoning, and horseradish.
     When I make it again, I will be more careful on the horseradish, and I will probably add cilantro and maybe a squeeze of lime.
     On Saturday I felt really productive as far as accomplishing stuff on my to do list.
     My best friend Kathy described a phenomena to me that I completely understand.
     She told me that she thinks teachers go through a form of nesting (similar to pregnant women) at the end of summer.
     I TOTALLY agree with this! We know it's the quiet time before everything really revs up.
     So, not only was I a crazy cleaning lady at my house, but also at Rick's!!
     Saturday evening we decided on a whim to shampoo Rick's carpet. This was much needed, and quite the adventure!
     It's fun to do housework with someone else. Not only do you feel like you are working like a team and you both can appreciate the final result, but it just feels like time well spent together.
     We also did a THOROUGH cleaning of the fridge and bathroom. I know the calories melted away!
     Then we were so tired that we just had a little snack instead of firing up the barbeque. And, our dessert...watching our favorite new show.
     We have now completed the entire first season of Deadwood (10 episodes!). Tonight we are starting the second season (12 episodes), and the third season is also out on DVD!
     This show has really sparked our interest, and both Rick and I love the Wild West history period, so we have checked out quite a bit, and now know how much is historically accurate in the show (which surprisingly is a LOT).
     I want to find a biography on Wild Bill Hickock and another one on Calamity Jane. For now, we will just watch the series.
     That gets us through the weekend, which I ate well, exercised, but didn't drink as much water as I would like.
     OH!! And, SUPER good news on Sunday (Jordie's b-day), I tried on a pair of capri pants that I bought at the beginning of summer and could not wear. They FIT!! Woo hoo! That really motivates me :)
     Yesterday, I exercised with the cheerleaders at practice, and I also danced with my step-daughter when we returned home.
     Eating was good and water was not, but overall, good day!
     We had dentist appointments (3 altogether), errands to run, and then I also had my book group last night at my house for the first time! FUN!
     I received my bleach trays yesterday from the dentist, as I am whitening my teeth before I have them fixed!
     I was teasing Sherry and telling her that this would be a great diet aid, as once you put them in your mouth for a couple of hours, you don't eat anymore. This cuts down on any temptation to snack!
     Speaking of snacks, well, at my book group last night I made yummy and light popcorn and just added some of my favorite seasonings. Perfect!
     Today we have already had three hours of cheer practice, ran some errands, gave Jordie a haircut, and made some yummy rice and veggies for lunch.
     Tonight we are hauling hay and probably watching an episode of our show.
     Last night in between changing DVD's, we caught the end of the Fat March show. I just love seeing how much they have lost on the first three legs of the walk. It's very inspiring.
     OK, so I leave you with this quotation by Carl Jung. I like it because it really sums up that any hard times we may experience help us to appreciate the good times. For me...right now...I am APPRECIATIVE of these good times!
     There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Jordie!

     I can hardly believe that my youngest son is 15 today!!! Wowser!
     We were headed to Omak Lake (the traditional b-day party with him and his friend Katie, since they have the same b-day). Now, I don't know if we are going to go bowling or go to the movies.
     I bought them a cupcake cake. I just LOVE those things!!! I bought them a frog one because both of them have green as their favorite color.
     We went to breakfast this morning at On the Avenue, and I ate French toast, although I did not eat it all (actually had three of four half slices).
     The only bummer of the day is that we are missing family...Cody is at boot camp and our littlest one is with her mom.
     I will write more about my weekend later! It's been a good one!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lazy days (or is it daze)

     Yesterday wasn't REALLY lazy. Actually it was more active, but that's a different story altogether!
     I did not blog yesterday because I never sat down long enough in front of the computer to do so. Today's will be a longer one to make up for it, OK?
     I spent yesterday enjoying my step-daughter! We jumped on the tramp for most of the morning, then we headed inside to "perform" (as she says) Salsa dancing (an aerobic video I LOVE).
     We made a special lunch for Dad including YUMMY cucumbers from my friend Jancey's garden! We add the veggie to water, vinegar and spices. The little one is addicted!!
     As we were leaving after lunch for a play date, I realized I had a flat tire!! I considered (briefly) changing it. I have done so before, you know?
     Yup! I was on a road trip (by myself to hook up with a friend), I was in the middle of Manitoba, Canada farmland (sunflower fields as far as the cliche' eye could see!), and I blew a tire!
     I had NEVER changed one before, and I was in a no-cell service area with NO houses anywhere (I remember thinking that the farmers must all live far away and then come to their fields.).
     I grabbed my car manual, unloaded my PACKED car (lots of camping gear and food for the cabin), and started the process.
     Then just for dramatic effect, it started to rain. Not just sprinkle, I am talking torrential downpour! Thankfully it was August and HOT! I felt like I was in some sort of commercial, LOL!
     Bottom line...I unpacked my car, changed my tire, and packed my car all in 30 minutes! I danced in the rain (literally) and sang, "'Cuz I'm a WOMAN, Enjoli! I can bring home the bacon. Fry it up in a pan."
     Quite the sight, I am sure. One of my favorite memories, and I did it myself!! The power of independence, baby!
     Yeah, if you don't know the commercial, you should check it out. I remember it as a little girl, and my mom actually had the Enjoli perfume!
     I just went searching, and I found the clip on You Tube! Check it out!!
     Back to my world yesterday. I thought about changing it, but one of the many benefits of having a mechanic in your life is that he can come to the rescue! Between Rick and my best friend, our afternoon was saved! We still had our play date, and the kiddos swam in the pool.
     Speaking of which, I am really worried about the air quality. I just noticed today on the Chronicle an article from the health department about that issue.
     Our little one has a nasty cough, and I really think it is smoke-induced asthma! It takes me back to when Jordie was the same age, and we had the nasty fires in Leavenworth! He actually had an inhaler, and we had to spend much of our time inside.
     Last year with all the smoke from the Conconully fire, I know of a student who had to leave until the smoke cleared. Scary.
     This also makes me think about exercising outside in this junk! Imagine if we lived in a place that was always like this because of smoke or smog. YUCK!
     Yesterday also included some deep cleaning. I just had a bug, and I went at it! I cleaned the stove (inside and out, even the burner pans), and the fridge.
     Last night I made a super yummy salad, we had baked pork steaks, and a veggie stirfry (including garden fresh squash--thanks Jancey!).
     After dinner we played outside until dark (which I cannot believe how much earlier it already is).
     The other day I decided to rent a DVD of a television series called Deadwood that was on HBO. We have HBO, but we just missed the show, I guess.
     Anyhow, Rick and I love westerns, and so we watched two episodes last night. (Beware this is definitely an after the kids go to bed sort of show especially because of the language!).
     We really liked the show, and now we are going to rent the rest of the season and seasons two and three.
     I also want to do this with a couple of other tv series that I have missed. It's a great thing to do when there is NOTHING on tv!
     That brings us to today. I did get up to see my step-daughter and Rick off and then I went back to bed...So, I guess I had a second sleep-in time of after 10!!!! I never do that, and it felt so good! Lazy, huh?!
     I then went to the coffee place, and now I am blogging. I am going to do some more housework today, and I am going to walk to the top of the Orchard Grade hill!
     I have two birthday gigs today, dinner tonight at our friends, the Lockwoods, AND JORDIE WILL BE HOME FROM CAMP!!!
     He arrives home and heads to football practice! I can't wait to see the little guy!
     Speaking of little (which really he is not), his birthday is this Sunday!! WHO gave him permission to be 15???
     And, I also heard from Cody on Wednesday evening, which was really nice! Granted short (1 minute and 24 seconds), but good to hear his voice and know he made it to Camp Pendelton safely.
     Busy weekend ahead, but good busy. My busy.
     P.S. The pic is one that Rick took while we were in Yellowstone. It is one of my MANY favorites of the beauty of nature!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me time

     This pic is one I took last year of Jordie on the trampoline! It is one of my favorite of MANY trampoline pics that we have of the kids! I think I am going to jump on it tonight, too!!
     Me time. Time for me. Wow, what a concept! I don't often just take that time to just do whatever I want whenever I want.
     But, here I am this week really taking this free time and doing just that!
     I went for a haircut and foil yesterday (lots of gray to hide), and my FAVORITE part about that is the awesome head massage. I swear I could go to the hairdresser once a week just for that!
     I went for a long (and hard) walk yesterday afternoon, and it felt good to be out, active, and sweatin'!
     I have not gone yet today, but I am going to later this afternoon. I am going to walk Robinson Canyon, as that is a kick butt walk!
     Here is the best part of me time...SLEEPING in! I feel a tad bit selfish and a tad bit more that Rick has to get up and go to work, but AHHHHhhhhhhh what a luxury!
     I also have been reading and writing a ton more. This past week I caught up on all of the entertainment gossip (thanks to many back issues of People and OK!).
     And, in addition to all of that, we have been catching up on tons of videos we have missed out on!
     I plan on riding Jack Sparrow again tonight! I think I am hooked! I can't wait until I feel the confidence where I am not nervous at all and it all feels natural.
     I never realized what a good workout it is to ride a horse, especially since I am doing so bareback, which means I am really using my leg muscles to stay on!!
     Well, I have a million errands to run (ones I want to), and I am planning on making a yummy grilled chicken salad for dinner tonight!
     Have a good one! Go out and walk!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

At the Stampede, Cody's last night with us and with facial hair!

      Potpourri - A really LONG blog!! As in a mixture of all things unrelated...that's today's blog!
     I found this quotation I really like: You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back. ~William D. Tammeus
     I totally get it, as would all of us parents out there!! It really makes me think of my KIDDOS!
     Ironically, I am without all of them this week (Cody left for boot camp on Sunday evening, Jordie went to church camp on Sunday afternoon, and my step-daughter is with her mom this week). Yesterday was REALLY weird. I am not used to ever being kid-less.
     At first it sort of bothered me, but then I decided (positive attitude) to enjoy some ME time!
     I went to Wenatchee and took care of some business and then went...SHOPPING! Yeah, baby!
     Last night I made Rick's favorite: MY chicken noodle soup. Since it was his first day back to work and I had no kids, I decided to spoil him instead!
     I have the best recipe that my best friend gave me for Christmas once way back when. It's soooo yummy and healthy!!
     Last night after dinner Rick worked with me to ride our horse Jack Sparrow. I was REALLY nervous in the beginning, but then I LOVED it!
     After that our friend came over, and we all sat and pointed out constellations and just enjoyed the night sky! It was very relaxing!
     Today I have a hair appointment, and I keep teasing Rick that I am going to chop it all off...LOL. I am not, but it drives him nuts that I even threaten it!
     I really miss Cody. I am writing him a letter a day, and we are going to steal my friend Kathy's idea and put all of his letters in a binder for a keepsake.
     I am humbled by the love we have received in this community. I have had so many people come up to me in the past few days and hug and tell me how much they love and care for us and will keep us all in the prayers.
     I feel so fortunate to live somewhere that people circle the wagons and take care of others.
     In this book I read recently (life changing!!!) Eat, Pray, and Love by Elizabeth Mitchell, there is a section about how each city/town has a word that best describes it and how when you live in a place where its word matches yours, then you are HOME.
     This has had me thinking about all of the places I have ever lived (remember, I went to 13 schools from K-12!!), and what the word would be for each of those places.
     I have always felt a gypsy spirit in my heart, and I am a gemini (for those that believe in horoscope), so I am by nature a wanderer.
     I really tried to think what our little valley's word would be...I have come up with all sorts of possibilities, but I think I have it narrowed down to two words: Recreation and family.
     And, definitely both fit me, especially family. That word is SPOT on! What do you think our area's word could be?
     I have also decided that I am going to work really hard at working out for the next three months, as Cody will be, too!! It's sort of a tribute of how proud I am of him!
     Then when we all go to his graduation in November in San Diego, I will make him proud, too!
     OK, something totally random, are you watching the Fat March show? It was on last night, and it is motivating. It's ABC's weight loss competition to mirror NBC's Biggest Loser!
     I love the idea! Over 570 miles of walking with extra challenges along the way. Just could start your own "walking club" and log in the same miles and see the same results!!!
     Check out the link, and you can even watch the full episodes if you missed the first two! .
     Well, I am going to go for a walk! Catch ya later!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

He's leaving

     I can hardly believe it, but we just received the news and my baby is leaving TOMORROW afternoon at 5 p.m. for the Marines.
     I am excited for him, but at the same time I am really bummed that one of my closest friends in this world is leaving.
     I am so close to Cody, and I have always been, but really this past year when he turned eighteen our relationship changed, in a good way.
     We have had a fun day today, as we all (Cody, Michael, Sarah and me) went up to Green Lake to watch Rick and the guys run their boats.
     Of course, that turned out to be an adventure in which Cody went diving for the top of Rick's boat!
     We are going to go to the rodeo tonight and spend some quality family time together.
     Then tomorrow I am driving Jordie and his best friend up to church camp (and, now Cody has agreed to ride with me), then back here to say good-bye as the recruiter drives my baby away.
     I am proud. I am sad. I don't want him to go, but I know that he will do awesome. Already he has goals as to what he wants to accomplish before he is out of boot camp (what class he wants to be, etc.).
     Keep us all in your thoughts!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ask and YOU shall receive!!

     I was just talking about squeezing every last drop of summer out, and VOILA, I received a message yesterday saying that school would be starting the Tuesday after Labor Day instead of the Wednesday before!!!
     I am constantly amazed at how when you start thinking of things in a positive manner, they truly do take on a positive light.
     I have always been really hard on myself, and I also believe that my mind can be cynical although I like to say that it is being realistic. Semantics, I suppose.
     Well, this summer I have been TRYING to look at the positive of each situation that I have faced that normally I would have thought was not so swell.
      Aldous Huxley once said, "Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him." I do believe that what we perceive to be a negative experience is actually a positive opportunity.
     When I decided at the beginning of summer to look at things with this attitude, I cannot believe how much my life has changed.
     OK...I am struggling with one thing today, well, it's been for about a month or so.
     I have misplaced something really important. I NEED to find it! I am wondering is this search (trust me, it has been extensive!) teaching me a lesson? Patience?
     And, I don't normally misplace things as this, and I am hyper organized with items like this...but, alas, I cannot find it. SIGH.
     SO, send out your positive vibes to the universe for me, OK? Today, I finally prayed to Saint Anthony, maybe I will find it!
     OK, so I am asking!!! Will I receive???
     Moving on. Last night Rick and I made homemade pizza. It was SOOOOO yummy with fresh veggies and stuff. Also, we made a super thin crust (on accident), but it was perfect.
     I had three SMALL slices, and I was totally filled up. I just love that we controlled what we put on it and how much, and it was NOT greasy at all!
     Good news on the water front! I made my lime and mint non-alcoholic mojito, and MY OH MY, I drank half of the HUGE pitcher!! Woo hoo!
      No purposeful exercise, but I did work in the yard and cleaned my car out (which was a gi-normous job)!
     OK, to close today, I want to share a quotation with you. Tell me what you think about it!
      Herman Hesse wrote in one of his books, "If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is a part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon...the two most beautiful words in the English language. --Henry James (one of my fav authors)

     Good morning!!
     It feels so good to be back and settling into some sort of routine. I can hardly believe that school is just around the bend!!
     I have so much I still want to squeeze out of summer!!!!
     This has truly been one of the best summers of my life, and such a summer of change. Who would've thought I would feel how I do right now???
     Rick took this picture, and we were at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone. What was really cool about this exact place is that from where we were standing it just looked like the pool behind me was running off into the horizon. BEAUTIFUL!
     I am excited for Stampede this weekend. We, of course, are taking the kiddos to the carnival and rodeo! I can't wait!!!
     I think I am more of a kid about it because I have not lived here all of my life. I did attend the Stampede back when I was in high school (I went grades 8-11 at Oroville).
     But, it's so much more fun with all of the family! Rick's big kids will be with us, too, and my sister is coming in from the coast. Good times!
     Onto other things. When we came home I went and bought Chinese food because I did not want to cook since I was tired.
     The really cool thing...I am so about portions now!! I did not overeat, and I did take tiny (TINY) portions, and then had tiny (TINY) seconds, which in reality all added up to MAYBE one small portion, but felt like more.
     I need to get back on the water gig, and also I need to work the intentional workout back in. I did workout a ton during cheer camp and our vacation, but now that I am home, I don't want to let things slide! I feel good!
     I weigh 231 right now, which is almost thirty pounds down this summer. The only thing that sort of bums me out is that I let myself get up to 260. I just keep thinking about where I would be right now...I would be under 200!!! SIGH.
     It's least now I am going in the right direction! And, I am trying REALLY hard to NOT allow the negative thoughts to harbor in my mind.
     I recently read Eat, Pray, and Love, and it seriously has had a PROFOUND effect on my life. It was a book club selection that in all honesty, I probably would have never read. WOW!
     By the way, I have posted the books I have read this summer for those of you who need a book to read. They have all been GREAT and just perfect for what I have needed at this time in my life.
     I love learning about myself, often times through others (whether that be real life people--our friends, strangers, and even people we don't like-- I know or through non-fiction books). I once read (big shock) that what you don't like in another person is something that you don't like about yourself...hmmmm.
     When I just read the book about overachiever culture on our trip, I freaked because I could recognize myself as both a student and a parent (not to the extreme that was chronicled in the book, but enough to make me want to change some behavior.). I kept reading parts to Rick, and we would have these long parenting conversations about it.
     The things that I continue to work on and that directly relate to me as a person (and a person trying to lose weight)...control issues, perfectionism, co-dependency and overachieverism.
     I think what makes us stronger is realizing our weaknesses and our strengths.
     Hey, one other thing I did update my profile which I have not done since I started hosting here at I also have realized that my blog readership is quickly approaching 10,000 visits JUST since March!! WOW!
     And, to quote my favorite guy for now I am living life..."Day by day."

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pretty Pedicure

     We rolled into town last night late, and I am GLAD to be home! We spent the last two days on the road discovering even more beautiful places, and even closer to home!
     In particular, Rick and I found several places we hope to retire to...Baker City was beautiful horse country!
     I am posting a pic of my most amazing toes from my pedicure in Utah! I just love them, and this pic was taken while we will driving down the road.
     And, those are my new Cabela's sandals!!
     Another very cool thing about our drive home is that we ran into my parents in Ontario, Oregon! Here is the crazy thing!!! My parents were in Texas, and then I haven't seen my Dad since March because he has been in Texas taking care of my grandpa.
     Then we run into them in Idaho with all of us on our way home!! How cool, what a quawinkydink!!!
     I just love my DADDY so much!!
     As regards to the blog drama of the past few days...First, I am very APPRECIATIVE that we were on the road and had no computer access!
     It's unfortunate that things turned rather ugly, as really that is NOT what this blog is about. I do also appreciate the support from my readers!
     I will write more tonight or tomorrow morning, as now we are on our way to up this vacation!
     By the way...GOOD NEWS...I lost 6 pounds on our vacation!! Woo hoo!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lions, Tigers, BEARS...Oh my!

     Let me just say...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I love vacation, and I feel so relaxed right now!!
     We have had such a SUPER trip!! We started out staying at a cabin at Three Forks, Montana. I think what I love the most is how much history and beauty we have so close to home.
     Then we headed down to a lake and stayed at a resort for three days with Rick's brother and his family.
      Each day we headed off to explore Yellowstone, and we saw sooooo many animals including bears (two different ones in the wild, but really close to us), elk (with some of the most gi-normous antlers I have ever witnessed), tons of birds (several eagles), bison, and lots of little vermin type animals, too.
     My most favorite excursion is when we all went to the Boiling River which sits at the 45th Parallel (exactly halfway between the equator and the North Pole), and we lounged around in the hots springs for hours. That was totally relaxing and rejuvenating, too!
     We saw lots of cool geo-thermal activity and just amazing nature...lots of waterfalls and cool rock formations and geysers (yes, of course, Old Faithful).
     We ate healthy, and we did TONS of walking!!!! I feel really healthy right now!
     On the way to Salt Lake, we stayed just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What a beautiful place.
     I will forever hold in my heart the awe inspiring beauty of the Grand Teton Mountains. SIGH.
     We are now in Salt Lake City with relatives, and today we had a girls' day and Shelley and I went to have our pedicures (all that camping and hiking was tough on the feet).
     I just love all of this nature and all of this family time!!! This is a TRUE vacation!
     And, last night Shell and I went for a beautiful walk up a hill that then had the most incredible view of Salt Lake City! Breathtaking!!
     OH!! I almost forgot!! We went to Cabela's in Lehi. WHAT a store!!
     Life is happy and balanced RIGHT now!
     My only stress is my oldest home alone...SIGH. Does anyone out there relate to the 18-year-old knows everything syndrome??
      And, he just dropped the bomb that he will be leaving before August is over for boot camp. DOUBLE SIGH.
     Not sure when we are heading out and exactly where we are going, but... I will keep you updated as much as possible.