Monday, June 25, 2007

Alive and Kicking!!

     It's Monday...And, I am lovin' it! I sound like a McDonald's commercial, but really I am just feeling good.
      This morning I woke up extra early, drank a cup of coffee while sitting outside, and I read a bit. Then I headed off for my workout.
      I had a SUPER workout today. I did five sets of bleachers, walked four laps around the track, and lifted heavy on my legs.
      I know I really surprised not only my cheerleading girls but also some of the football players with how much I could lift! I was teasing them all and telling them I might be fat, but I am definitely STRONG!
      I just feel so strong and good. It's amazing how when you increase those endorphins, you make things happen!!
      I am going to also go for a "leisure" walk later after dinner. I have a good friend I am trying to inspire to walk.
      My eating is TOP notch. I am so proud of how well I have eaten now for an entire week!!!! I am eating NO refined sugar, counting calories, and piling on the veggies and fruits!!
      Even my water has increased. I am not quite where I should be especially with my exercising and the weather, but it is improving.
      I may even start swimming the morning lap swim next week to have an extra workout in there before I go to the cheerleader workout. It just feels so alive to be so active!

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