Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MY oh MY

     Wow! It has been what feels like FOREVER since I last blogged. Life has been hectic, but I am now on SUMMER schedule!!
     Yesterday, HOLD ONTO YOUR PANTS, I worked out!!! I have started a summer conditioning program with my cheerleaders, and let's just say that it even hurts to type :)
     We are working out three times a week with 45 minutes of cardio, and starting next week adding 45 minutes of weights.
     Our cardio workout yesterday ROCKED! We jogged bleachers, and had stations of push-ups and jumping throughout.
     Then we walked a mile around the track! It felt soooo good! And, even the pain today feels good :)
     I drank tons of water yesterday, and I ate well, too. I bought a foot-long sub, and I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner.
     I also had to pack up my classroom, and that was MAJOR work and sweat, too, but it is all finished!
     Everything at school done, CHECK. Son graduated, CHECK. My birthday, CHECK. Son off to Boston, New York, etc., CHECK. Bills paid, CHECK. Sleeping in, CHECK. Working out, CHECK.
     I am liking it!

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