Friday, June 29, 2007


     ABSOLUTELY. I have a friend who says that all the time. She says, "Aaaaab-SO-luuuut-ely," or sometimes, "Aaaaab-SO-luuuut-ely NOT."
     It's just funny how you realize what creatures of habit we are. And, when you are around someone you start to do or say the same things!
     Last night we all went for another walk which was awesome! Talk about a good habit for us to do together!
     I am excited for the fact that I have been exercising every day. This morning, though, I cancelled the cheer workout because normally we jog bleachers and around the track, which are both ABSOLUTELY soaked!
     I will at least walk or jog tonight, so I will work in some exercise no matter what.
     I have improved on the water consumption, and for the past 10 days my eating has been ABSOLUTELY perfect!
     This is a summer of change for me. I am really focused on making positive choices that will make a difference in my life. I know in order to do that, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.
     I am ready for this! ABSOLUTELY!

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