Friday, June 22, 2007

Good news!

      I am sooooo excited!!! I have lost 10 pounds since the beginning of June! I just weighed this morning at the club, and I was absolutely freaking out because I didn't believe the scale!!
      I did cancel my membership, but I have the rest of this month still, and I wanted to use the scale that I had used at the beginning of the month! HAPPY news!!
      I have been working out with the cheer girls since school has been out, and I have only missed one time because we had appointments in Wenatchee.
      I can't believe how I already am able to do things better. Today I jogged around the track twice with no breaks in each lap!!
      What I am doing right now is bleacher workouts, and we do 10 sets! And, then we also walk or jog a mile.
      My water has really improved this week, as has my eating!
      Anyhow, it just feels good to make progress. I have a friend who has recently started walking, and I am really excited for her, because she just feels better, more positive.
      I can't believe how when I don't exercise that I forget how GOOD it feels when I do!! You would think for that simple fact that we all would exercise all the time!
      Today I am signing off with a big smile!!

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