Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rain, rain DON'T go away

     I love the rain. I love thunder and lightning (especially when it doesn't cause any wildfires). I love the smell and color of everything after the rain.
     I am not a huge fan of the humid, sticky air, but really it is worth it if rain comes, too!
     This weather reminds me of Texas so much. I started thinking about our road trip to Texas what now feels like MANY moons ago!
     The summer before I moved up here the boys and I drove down to Texas to visit family.
     We left in June (the weekend after school was out) and returned in the middle of August.
     We were on a tight budget, so we didn't eat out, and because at the time Jordan was "plump" I actually made the decision to eat healthy (no processed foods, no sugar, etc.).
     Jordan lost thirty pounds that summer, and I lost twenty, mostly with our eating changes.
     We really didn't exercise too much, well at least not purposefully. We were VERY active all summer doing lots of fun things, but to go for a walk would have been miserable.
     Anyhoot, yesterday made me excited for this summer. I am going to have a Texas summer again, but adding in the purposeful exercise and surviving in much milder weather!
     I can't believe that counting today I only have 3 1/2 days of school left!! I can't wait!

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