Monday, June 4, 2007

Sweat and Tears...

     This past week has been filled with sweat and tears, LOTS!
     Last Thursday we went over on 2 charter busses to Seattle for the senior trip.     We stopped in North Bend to eat, and I ate yummy teriyaki food, and then we were headed into the big city.
     First, we played hard at the Family Fun Center. And, that is definitely where the sweating began!
     I have never played Laser Tag before, and I can tell you that I am completely addicted! That was such a blast, and such a workout!
     I was joking around about how if we had a Laser Tag place here that I would workout every day for sure!!
     Then we headed off to the Mariners!! Seattle won the game, and we did lots of walking and exploring (lots of burning calories!!).
     I took Friday off as a personal day to ready myself for the next couple of days, as well to catch up on sleep since we arrived home at 3:30 in the morning!     Friday consisted of sleep (not as much as I wanted) and LOTS of errands (way more than I wanted).
     Saturday ended up with lots more sweat! I was with the cheerleaders at Okanogan Days, and we were in the parade for which we baked in the sun for WAY over an hour before our float even started moving.
     I just seemed hot and CRAZY busy on Saturday running from one place to the other!
     Graduation was VERY hot, but VERY nice. I am so proud of all of those kids :)
     The reception following was cool on all levels. I loved the slideshow and the collages of the kids, but I couldn't stomach any of the cake because I was just too hot.
     Yesterday we had our party for Cody, and it was just wonderful. He is a very loved young man!
     So, I cried tons, all happy tears, of course. But, happily we all survived, and right now I feel like I have lived two months in the last five days!!

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