Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blog Burnout?

     Hello, old friends! I have lots of news for you, which would only seem logical since I have not blogged since last week.
     Last week was a bit busy, but I really don't know why I didn't blog. It's almost like I was suffering blog burnout...I dunno.
     The good news is that I have been making really positive choices in the health department! And, I have been accomplishing my rather large "things I want to do over summer" list.
     I am working in a cardio workout every day! I have mostly been walking, but I have also been working with the cheerleaders jogging bleachers and strength training.
     The really cool thing about the cheerleader workouts is that we have moms coming, too!! We are spreading the joy and love for fitness!! Very fun :)
     As well, I have been eating better for the most part. Definitely my portions have decreased and fruits and veggies have increased!
     I am still working on the water intake. Some days I hit my mark easy, other days I am not anywhere near the target.
     I am back on my thyroid medicine which is making a big difference in many ways.
     I am not drinking coffee daily (which wasn't even one of my goals, but just sort of happened), but I did have a yummy Starbucks yesterday because my good friend Joe brought me one back from Chelan! What a treat :)
     I did finally cancel my gym memembership, and NOT because of anything about the gym. I do love the people that work there, and they offer everything a person needs!
     For whatever reason, I was just not motivated to go in. And, since I am working out this summer outside, I am going to stick with that and save the money.
     I am thinking about swimming at the morning lap swim to add in some more cardio each day.
     I am feeling good. So far summer is happening..SIGH!

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