Sunday, June 24, 2007


     WOW! It does feel good to get up and move! This morning I headed out for a walk, and even though I am not sure how far I walked, I did walk at a fast pace for 40 minutes.
     I did bust out a sweat, and later today maybe I will drive the walk to see how far it was.
     Yesterday I did something that I have wanted to do for three years now!! I cleaned out my storage unit.
     What a mess! What a daunting task!! I would never have been able to do it without my friends. I just know I would have MAYBE started and then walked away. Instead we had a storage cleaning party!
     I know we burned MANY calories yesterday. We worked for four hours total and in the heat of the day.
     Now, I didn't empty my storage, but rather I cleaned and organized it.
     I am ready to take a load out to the dump. It's amazing what I found in there. And, there were some pretty funny things, too. Trust me, when you let an eleven-year-old boy do his own makes for interesting discoveries!
     Now, I am also ready for a garage sale. And, here is my semi-shameless plug. The cheerleaders are having a garage sale on Saturday, July 14th with the place to be determined.
     It's going to be a biggie because each girl is running her own sale. And, a couple of other families are already going to join in the fun, too.
     I am just thrilled to get rid of stuff, but not in a wasteful manner. I just don't have the ability to just haul it all off to the dump. I know people who have done that to just turn around and accumulate just as much stuff. Grrr.
     And, everything I am in keeping (which is about half of the unit) is now in labeled tubs! What an awesome feeling to have that all done!
     Now, I just need to move onto the house and especially my closet!! Hmmmm...maybe I should organize a closet cleaning party :)

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