Friday, June 29, 2007


     ABSOLUTELY. I have a friend who says that all the time. She says, "Aaaaab-SO-luuuut-ely," or sometimes, "Aaaaab-SO-luuuut-ely NOT."
     It's just funny how you realize what creatures of habit we are. And, when you are around someone you start to do or say the same things!
     Last night we all went for another walk which was awesome! Talk about a good habit for us to do together!
     I am excited for the fact that I have been exercising every day. This morning, though, I cancelled the cheer workout because normally we jog bleachers and around the track, which are both ABSOLUTELY soaked!
     I will at least walk or jog tonight, so I will work in some exercise no matter what.
     I have improved on the water consumption, and for the past 10 days my eating has been ABSOLUTELY perfect!
     This is a summer of change for me. I am really focused on making positive choices that will make a difference in my life. I know in order to do that, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.
     I am ready for this! ABSOLUTELY!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Take a deep breath, and go for a jog!

     I missed yesterday's blog, sorry. It was beyond a hectic day. When I sat down at the end of the day, I just could not believe how much running around I did and how many stressful sitations had happened.
     I was a bit overwhelmed with several things going on (you know the old saying that when it rains it pours...), so I went for a two-mile walk with Jordie last night, and I felt much more calm when we returned home.
     Right now I have some big things happening in my life, and it feels really good that exercise is helping me to deal with them, as opposed to eating.
     Normally, I am VERY much a stress eater! I mean it...if I am worried or angry or sad, HELLO Ben and Jerry, my two new best friends!
     However, this time around, I am finding much more solace in being physical and working out that stress.
     That, and I feel like exercising really helps me keep in a postive frame of mind. One thing that is amazing to me is that there are people in the world who relish when other people hurt or are dealing with tough situations. I truly do not understand that mentality.
     I am a strong person, and I will only become stronger by making some really difficult life decisions.
     The two things I am most proud of right now is that I am choosing to do things that are right and good for me. And, in dealing with those decisions I am also choosing to be healthy, both in eating and exercise.
     Well, I am off for a walk!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Observe, won't you?

     Today my morning walk was wonderful. Even though it was a little chilly, it was still a peaceful walk.
     I love it when the world is waking up, and it's just a new day.
     Yesterday evening, I was able to talk my friend and her family into going for a walk. We even took the two dogs, and they both needed to walk (one older and a little heavy, for the other her first walk on a leash!).
     It was such a relaxing and nice time, and we were doing something healthy.
     One of the other great things about walking relates to the old cliche of stopping to smell the roses. I know, I know. Technically, when you walk, you are moving.
     But, you do slow down a bit and fully take in your surroundings. I know you know what I am talking about!
     Have you ever driven by somewhere a zillion times but never noticed a house or something? Then when you walk, you notice it?
     It's just that whole be aware of what is in your life. I have been really thinking about that lately.
     Between exercising, cleaning (deep cleaning), and walking around, I am all about OBSERVING.
     Sometimes when you are so busy and have everything going on in your life that you do, you miss things, you forget to stop and smell the roses.
     To say good-bye today, I just want to tell you that if you are not our moving and observing, you should. I can't believe the difference it makes!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Alive and Kicking!!

     It's Monday...And, I am lovin' it! I sound like a McDonald's commercial, but really I am just feeling good.
      This morning I woke up extra early, drank a cup of coffee while sitting outside, and I read a bit. Then I headed off for my workout.
      I had a SUPER workout today. I did five sets of bleachers, walked four laps around the track, and lifted heavy on my legs.
      I know I really surprised not only my cheerleading girls but also some of the football players with how much I could lift! I was teasing them all and telling them I might be fat, but I am definitely STRONG!
      I just feel so strong and good. It's amazing how when you increase those endorphins, you make things happen!!
      I am going to also go for a "leisure" walk later after dinner. I have a good friend I am trying to inspire to walk.
      My eating is TOP notch. I am so proud of how well I have eaten now for an entire week!!!! I am eating NO refined sugar, counting calories, and piling on the veggies and fruits!!
      Even my water has increased. I am not quite where I should be especially with my exercising and the weather, but it is improving.
      I may even start swimming the morning lap swim next week to have an extra workout in there before I go to the cheerleader workout. It just feels so alive to be so active!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


     WOW! It does feel good to get up and move! This morning I headed out for a walk, and even though I am not sure how far I walked, I did walk at a fast pace for 40 minutes.
     I did bust out a sweat, and later today maybe I will drive the walk to see how far it was.
     Yesterday I did something that I have wanted to do for three years now!! I cleaned out my storage unit.
     What a mess! What a daunting task!! I would never have been able to do it without my friends. I just know I would have MAYBE started and then walked away. Instead we had a storage cleaning party!
     I know we burned MANY calories yesterday. We worked for four hours total and in the heat of the day.
     Now, I didn't empty my storage, but rather I cleaned and organized it.
     I am ready to take a load out to the dump. It's amazing what I found in there. And, there were some pretty funny things, too. Trust me, when you let an eleven-year-old boy do his own makes for interesting discoveries!
     Now, I am also ready for a garage sale. And, here is my semi-shameless plug. The cheerleaders are having a garage sale on Saturday, July 14th with the place to be determined.
     It's going to be a biggie because each girl is running her own sale. And, a couple of other families are already going to join in the fun, too.
     I am just thrilled to get rid of stuff, but not in a wasteful manner. I just don't have the ability to just haul it all off to the dump. I know people who have done that to just turn around and accumulate just as much stuff. Grrr.
     And, everything I am in keeping (which is about half of the unit) is now in labeled tubs! What an awesome feeling to have that all done!
     Now, I just need to move onto the house and especially my closet!! Hmmmm...maybe I should organize a closet cleaning party :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tough Times

     I know that I normally weigh in about health and fitness, but today I want to talk about a friend of mine.
     Lots of times it just takes some perspective to realize and appreciate what we all have.
     My friend, who lives here in Omak, is a single mom to three kids, and she has had some tough times.
     But, most heartbreaking is the current situation in which her sister, Alicia Minton, a mother of three who lives in Arkansas, has been missing since June 1st.
     I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would be like if I was going through something like this...if any of my family members were missing.
     So, I want you to do two things today. I want you to appreciate who is in your life and how good your life really is.
     I also ask that you keep my friend, her missing sister, and their family in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers.
     If you want more information, you can check out this site:

Friday, June 22, 2007

Good news!

      I am sooooo excited!!! I have lost 10 pounds since the beginning of June! I just weighed this morning at the club, and I was absolutely freaking out because I didn't believe the scale!!
      I did cancel my membership, but I have the rest of this month still, and I wanted to use the scale that I had used at the beginning of the month! HAPPY news!!
      I have been working out with the cheer girls since school has been out, and I have only missed one time because we had appointments in Wenatchee.
      I can't believe how I already am able to do things better. Today I jogged around the track twice with no breaks in each lap!!
      What I am doing right now is bleacher workouts, and we do 10 sets! And, then we also walk or jog a mile.
      My water has really improved this week, as has my eating!
      Anyhow, it just feels good to make progress. I have a friend who has recently started walking, and I am really excited for her, because she just feels better, more positive.
      I can't believe how when I don't exercise that I forget how GOOD it feels when I do!! You would think for that simple fact that we all would exercise all the time!
      Today I am signing off with a big smile!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blog Burnout?

     Hello, old friends! I have lots of news for you, which would only seem logical since I have not blogged since last week.
     Last week was a bit busy, but I really don't know why I didn't blog. It's almost like I was suffering blog burnout...I dunno.
     The good news is that I have been making really positive choices in the health department! And, I have been accomplishing my rather large "things I want to do over summer" list.
     I am working in a cardio workout every day! I have mostly been walking, but I have also been working with the cheerleaders jogging bleachers and strength training.
     The really cool thing about the cheerleader workouts is that we have moms coming, too!! We are spreading the joy and love for fitness!! Very fun :)
     As well, I have been eating better for the most part. Definitely my portions have decreased and fruits and veggies have increased!
     I am still working on the water intake. Some days I hit my mark easy, other days I am not anywhere near the target.
     I am back on my thyroid medicine which is making a big difference in many ways.
     I am not drinking coffee daily (which wasn't even one of my goals, but just sort of happened), but I did have a yummy Starbucks yesterday because my good friend Joe brought me one back from Chelan! What a treat :)
     I did finally cancel my gym memembership, and NOT because of anything about the gym. I do love the people that work there, and they offer everything a person needs!
     For whatever reason, I was just not motivated to go in. And, since I am working out this summer outside, I am going to stick with that and save the money.
     I am thinking about swimming at the morning lap swim to add in some more cardio each day.
     I am feeling good. So far summer is happening..SIGH!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MY oh MY

     Wow! It has been what feels like FOREVER since I last blogged. Life has been hectic, but I am now on SUMMER schedule!!
     Yesterday, HOLD ONTO YOUR PANTS, I worked out!!! I have started a summer conditioning program with my cheerleaders, and let's just say that it even hurts to type :)
     We are working out three times a week with 45 minutes of cardio, and starting next week adding 45 minutes of weights.
     Our cardio workout yesterday ROCKED! We jogged bleachers, and had stations of push-ups and jumping throughout.
     Then we walked a mile around the track! It felt soooo good! And, even the pain today feels good :)
     I drank tons of water yesterday, and I ate well, too. I bought a foot-long sub, and I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner.
     I also had to pack up my classroom, and that was MAJOR work and sweat, too, but it is all finished!
     Everything at school done, CHECK. Son graduated, CHECK. My birthday, CHECK. Son off to Boston, New York, etc., CHECK. Bills paid, CHECK. Sleeping in, CHECK. Working out, CHECK.
     I am liking it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rain, rain DON'T go away

     I love the rain. I love thunder and lightning (especially when it doesn't cause any wildfires). I love the smell and color of everything after the rain.
     I am not a huge fan of the humid, sticky air, but really it is worth it if rain comes, too!
     This weather reminds me of Texas so much. I started thinking about our road trip to Texas what now feels like MANY moons ago!
     The summer before I moved up here the boys and I drove down to Texas to visit family.
     We left in June (the weekend after school was out) and returned in the middle of August.
     We were on a tight budget, so we didn't eat out, and because at the time Jordan was "plump" I actually made the decision to eat healthy (no processed foods, no sugar, etc.).
     Jordan lost thirty pounds that summer, and I lost twenty, mostly with our eating changes.
     We really didn't exercise too much, well at least not purposefully. We were VERY active all summer doing lots of fun things, but to go for a walk would have been miserable.
     Anyhoot, yesterday made me excited for this summer. I am going to have a Texas summer again, but adding in the purposeful exercise and surviving in much milder weather!
     I can't believe that counting today I only have 3 1/2 days of school left!! I can't wait!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sweat and Tears...

     This past week has been filled with sweat and tears, LOTS!
     Last Thursday we went over on 2 charter busses to Seattle for the senior trip.     We stopped in North Bend to eat, and I ate yummy teriyaki food, and then we were headed into the big city.
     First, we played hard at the Family Fun Center. And, that is definitely where the sweating began!
     I have never played Laser Tag before, and I can tell you that I am completely addicted! That was such a blast, and such a workout!
     I was joking around about how if we had a Laser Tag place here that I would workout every day for sure!!
     Then we headed off to the Mariners!! Seattle won the game, and we did lots of walking and exploring (lots of burning calories!!).
     I took Friday off as a personal day to ready myself for the next couple of days, as well to catch up on sleep since we arrived home at 3:30 in the morning!     Friday consisted of sleep (not as much as I wanted) and LOTS of errands (way more than I wanted).
     Saturday ended up with lots more sweat! I was with the cheerleaders at Okanogan Days, and we were in the parade for which we baked in the sun for WAY over an hour before our float even started moving.
     I just seemed hot and CRAZY busy on Saturday running from one place to the other!
     Graduation was VERY hot, but VERY nice. I am so proud of all of those kids :)
     The reception following was cool on all levels. I loved the slideshow and the collages of the kids, but I couldn't stomach any of the cake because I was just too hot.
     Yesterday we had our party for Cody, and it was just wonderful. He is a very loved young man!
     So, I cried tons, all happy tears, of course. But, happily we all survived, and right now I feel like I have lived two months in the last five days!!